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  1. Sylvanrose

    Whitelist status

    Yay didn't screw up any questions this time! now to wait and hope the GMs like my application
  2. Sylvanrose

    Whitelist status

    darn failed the same three questions haha one by missing the "not" in the question, one by mistake (chose one option rather than the other) and one i'm not sure by because 3/4 answers look like they'd work as the right one... ah well, hopefully i'll still be able to apply again in 8 hours, if not i'll have to just be patient and wait for another opening!
  3. How can we be sure you're actually human... quick! someone get the zombie beating stick! Welcome to DayZRP
  4. Hey there folks, just here to ask a few questions it's been a very~ long time since i was last involved with DayZRP (for various reasons, chief among them real life threw alot of curve balls my way.) and was wondering if my whitelist from before still applies or i will require a reapplication? as well as general changes since last i played (which was maybe... a year or two ago?) or where to find them so that i may look at them myself. that's all i need to know. thank you for any help ahead of time, and if the whitelist question is already answered and i missed it in my initial search please let me know.
  5. wonder exactly how much alcohol i consumed to make a roadtrip to wherever they lived to sleep in the same bed sound like an amazing idea.
  6. http://i.imgur.com/OUnvqhn.jpg my Desktop <3
  7. -sighs- well i guess that probably is the case if it's that common of a thing, sucks that i lost everything, but that's the price of playing a game still in Alpha i suppose. thank you either way.
  8. i have no idea if i did or not, this is the first time anything like this has ever happened to me in DayZ
  9. so, i log out fully geared for 20 minutes or so fully geared when i looged out looked rather fitting for my character's background, was going to head south when i came back to find some people to RP with, maybe do some survival lessons for people not knowledgeable on the matter in an RP sense. and well, when i log back in i'm a fresh spawn.... so my question is, did the server just get nuked or something?
  10. [//OOC: for the purposes of this Post, non IC information will be posted in " [ ] " ] Dossier [information of miscellaneous details about her military background]: Name: Lucielle "Lucy" Wolfhaven Known Aliases: "Echo-Two" and "Needle" Rank: Scout Platoon Sergeant E-7 Age: 22 Blood Type [RP purpose seeing as in-game blood types changes]: O- Notes on Military Career: Much of her work in the Army from the age she enlisted to this point is greatly unknown due to black ink covering a staggering 85% of anything relating to her or her designation, one thing is certain however, she rose through the ranks quickly for someone who almost went to prison for a starting point. So far, this is the only information we've been able to gather on her, I'll send an updated dossier as soon as i learn more. [Dated two weeks before outbreak which sent Lucielle and her team to Chernarus]
  11. wow! i think this might be the most detailed RP-Based Survival guide for Standalone i've seen where was this at when i first started playing?
  12. @DJREX: -Le Gaspe!- wait.... i'm eating potatoes right now.... o.o" @ScarFace7454: thanks! i hope i get in
  13. Sylvanrose

    Official The Elder Scrolls Thread

    every now and then, i go into my garage, lug out one of the ancient comps that i have in there, well one of the ones that still work anyways, and i load up my old copy of Daggerfall and spend an entire night playing it all over again. it solves two great things in one: reminds me of why i love Elder Scrolls, and why i hated DOS <3
  14. @Magnus: thanks hope to be in Cherno soon @Chernov: It's ok, it only took me reading the rules 10 times for me to find my whitelist passphrase! so i think i'm good o.o" as for the "Girl Gamer" thing, i've honestly never encountered that, at this point i think i'd actually enjoy one of those freak outs just to have encountered it