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  1. Well since the next patch is soon coming to stable perhaps a group that help survivors around the map with the new vehicles (kinda like a taxi service) but I understand this would be extremely risky
  2. Cheers guys! and thanks for the hospitality WaDe
  3. WaDe

    Need a GUID or SteamID reset? Post here!

    Can I get my GUID reset please! Thank you WaDe //Voodoo: SA GUID Reset
  4. Just thought i'd say hello again , my white list application has been accepted so I look forward in meeting you all in Chernarus! Hope to meet lots of you! WaDe
  5. Hello everyone! I have just applied on the white list and I'm looking forward to meeting everyone in game and having some good RP times with you all. Here's to making some good times! WaDe