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  1. Cody was born in Manchester to a military family, codys father was a drill sergeant in the royal army and codys mother was a combat medic also serving in the royal army. when Cody was 8 codys mother died serving in the Iraq war leaving Cody and his father alone, soon after cods mother died codys father moved onto a military base to try an take his mind off of the death, whilst growing up on the military base Cody grew and got to know all of the soldiers that worked there, he was often seen playing basket ball with the newly recruited privates and sometimes the specialists. when Cody was 16 Cody was pushed into becoming a military man which he accepted gratefully, whilst Cody was going through basic training he would constantly score top of his class to the much dismay of his other cadets, because Cody wasn't well liked in basic training his fellow cadets decided that they were going to beat him up and try and get him to drop out. when Cody was 17 Cody he was taught by his father and other recruits the basics of gun maintenance and how to defend him self from people that are attacking him when Cody was 18 he graduated as a recruit but quickly worked his way up to 2nd lieutenant due to his relation shit with most people on the military base when he grew up, shortly after this cody was deployed in Afghanistan along with a armored unit in order to reinforce a F.O.B that was under attack but a terrorist cell, after the battle was over Cody was tasked with rounding up all the wounded soldiers and treating them so that they can fight again. when Cody was 23 he was wounded by shrapnel after a morter landed in the medical tent at Camp Qargha, after being injured by the blast cody was sent back to the uk to recover as his tour in Afghanistan was nearly over, after cody was let out of the hospital he went on a vacation to a place called Nyheim
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