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  1. Prisoner File Name: Steven Clarke Date of Birth: December 12, 1998 Place of Birth: Chicago, Illinois Date of Incarceration: June 18, 2017 Prisonor ID: D2-1231 Reason for incarceration: Possession of drugs with intent to sell/use, murder, grand theft auto Sentence: Life From what he will say in therapy sessions, Steven had a hard childhood. It consisted of constant abuse from his Uncle, David Clarke, whom he lived with, as his parents were shot and killed in his early childhood. David was an alcoholic, drug addict and dealer. He had prostitutes over every day, whom he would make Steven have relations with. David pulled Steven out of school in the 4 th grade, and soon after, Steven started drinking. The only person he said he’s ever taken refuge in is his best childhood friend, whom he’s reluctant to share the name of. Just to make writing this easier, I’ll call him Ivan. had his first drink at 8 years old. He had his first Bag of cocaine at 12. He had his first bag of heroin at 13. He admits that, before his incarceration, he still actively did all of these drugs. It wasn’t until he was 17 that he started selling these drugs. He had always eluded the law before this point. Steven and his friend Ivan were out meeting a buyer one evening. The buyer turned out to be a sting operation by the Chicago P.D. Ivan drew a weapon on the police, and they were forced to fire. Steven tried to save his friend by tackling him out of the way of the officers’ gunfire. Unfortunately, Ivan was killed that day, and Steven was shot close to the left kidney. Now it, quote, “Hurts when I pee.” Steven admits that this is where his hatred for police comes from. Soon after Steven was bailed out of jail by his uncle, they moved out of the country to Nyheim. They both immediately resorted to selling drugs for a living. When Steven was 18, his uncle stopped selling, and expected Steven to support him, with his earnings. Steven went on to support both his uncle, David and himself. Meanwhile David was stealing from Steven's personal use stash. This went on for, almost, three years, before Steven found out it was his uncle stealing from him. June 10, 2017, is when David Clarke was killed. He was stabbed 28 times with a large kitchen knife. Two days later, the neighbors find the body, inside the house, in full view of the front window, along with David’s car gone as well. Four days after that, Steven was found overdosing on cocaine and heroin in an alleyway in Nyheim. He was incarcerated two days after a short coma in the hospital. Journal Entry: I can remember when the infection started. I was about to brawl with the toughest guy in D Sector, Lars Karlsson. He and I got in together. Both in for killin’ a guy. For whatever fuckin’ reason, this dude had it out for me day one. All of a sudden, BAM it was lockdown. The guards had us on our faces, hands behind our backs in seconds. I was brought to the warden’s office, and he told me I would spend a night in solitary. It was that day. The day the world went to shit. I heard so much screaming and gunfire right outside my room. I was sure as shit terrified. When one of the solitary guards was killed, he died right in front of my door. I could just get my fingers under the door, to grab his keys. When I thought the coast was clear, I stuck my arm through the slot they use to give us food, which was small as hell. I tried for four hours to get the key into the hole. But damn, if I didn’t do it.
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