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  1. oh ok, was unaware, thankyou.
  2. I went to rejoin the server just now after coming home only to find it is offline, I have a had a look through the forums but cannot find any posts about it, does anyone know how long before it maybe back up?, I would join one of the others but due to being in Australia my ping would be way too high and I would just get ping kicked. thankyou
  3. I had my first interaction on DayzRP today at the Staroye Police Station with a survivor Named Jerry Winslow, Allthough my RP was a bit rusty, ( and his chat was breaking up on me, I just used that in the RP) he played very well, right from the get go I thought he was going to rob me, I had asked him to help me as I was very low on blood and my vision was very impaired. I was also struggling to understand him, and he actually try to help, then told me at the end he did not understand why he was going to let me off scott free, I thanked him for his kindness and as I did so another survivor ran in behind a house, I informed Jerry he was there and Jerry sent me on my way, thankyou Jerry for that and the great RP, I hope the interaction between you and the other survivor was also a pleasant one, hope to see you around again for another RP situation.
  4. '...oger, thankyou sir. It's S...m Fi...er sir, I..m in bad shape, I have headed no..th to the dam si..., need to stay away from infect... sir, I will hold here...... ..till someone arrives.... over' 'If you sti... have a c..y sir, in my very weak.. state I have miscalc..ated my location, I am north .f Elec......sk, Just above Topolka dam.... held up in a log cabin....I do.... do apologise....over' *After locking both the main entry door and the bedroom door, then laying on the worn bed while waiting for help to arrive Sam Passed out, when he woke approximately 36 hours had passed and he was feeling a bit better, still weak and in pain, Sam knew he had to move on to find more supplies and hopefully some batteries for his radio, as the batteries in it had gone flat, Sam unlocked the doors and headed north up the power lines headed for Staroye, knowing that was the nearest town to him that may have some supplies laying about, and hopefully he would find some more survivors*
  5. Requesting Medical Aid, Chernogorsk, Repeat, Requesting Medical Aid, Chernogorsk, Anyone copy?, Over.
  6. Yes pretty much, thankyou. As for Starving I find the SA food and drinking mechanics somewhat flawed, you spawn already hungry and thirsty, then you can eat and drink but 5-10 later your starving again, needs to be slowed down a little I think, to frequent the way it is IMO Do you know how often restarts are performed?
  7. Just wondering how often server restarts are performed as I have been playing on the US Server ALL Day, ( GMT +11 here) An have not seen one, I have now died multiple times to to being next to zero loot left and straving or dying of thirst, and from my understanding loot only spawns on server start up on SA. Thankyou
  8. Lol, no worries and fair enough, thankyou for the info Oh well, still getting it now, its been doing it bout 20 minutes, might go to bed and have another crack tomorrow, Hopefully it will be fixed by then.
  9. Oh is it server restart time?, sorry I am in Aust so I am unaware as to when the times may be
  10. Hey Every1, was just in game 5 minutes ago on the US server, I had just re-spawned after my untimely death and found a first aid kit but my inventory seemed bugged as I could not move anything around, so I logged out, but now cant seem to get past "wait for host". Is anyone else having an issue getting into the US server?
  11. Oh sorry, I used the video that Symmetrical provided, thankyou
  12. yes thankyou very much all, maybe this solution could be added into this thread for future reference for others: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-technical-troubleshooting-faq-read-before-posting
  13. [sOLVED]Thankyou Very Much, worked wonders. cheers
  14. Hello, I just got whitelisted and as I have not played standalone in about 8 months I had a couple of updates that had to be done, but now I have and issue where my ingame resolution is 1280x960 and there is no option for native or in my case 1920x1080, I have updated my Nvidia drivers and geforce experience, and also check my direct X. Is there any there known issues that may cause this? P.S. I do run 2 monitors, my main is 1920x1080 24" and I have a secondary that is 1440x900 19".