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  1. I have video evidence, its not much, due to distance, but there is clearly someone in that tower and as my friend mason gets in, that someone shots him. Pedro told us he could shot the guy but we didn't know if it was legal, so one of us went to dayzrp ts and asked to an admin and that admin aproved. By the time we knew we could shot the individual, he was already gone, we tought he would be waiting for is next prey but later after invading the tower we learned that indeed he had an AKS-74 but he aparently let the gun there next to a shotgun and logged out. http://scr.hu/2m63/s8cti Their might be someone else involved, i haven't verified the footage yet but i might have seen someone else in that tower.
  2. Sir.Pantheon

    [IMPORTANT] Character Deleted after restart?

    I lost all i had yesterday, but f**k it, i found someone and did a great roleplay, worth it!
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    Favorite weapon?

    I cut cheese with a medieval sword
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    New whitelist system coming Soon™

    I like everything, less the part that i need to get into the whitelist again, i dont have any problems in doing the questions, is just the time i will be unable to play .. waiting, waiting because i'm not donator (for now) and because without any questions, this community is growing insanely! It whoud be nice to have something like, the people already in with priority in the reviews.
  6. In Real life if i had a strong vehicle ( offroad ) and a rifle I would be fine, now imagine the army with lot of armored vehicles ? there is no way a zombie getting inside of one of those unless you f*ck**g open the door. I dont see zombies winning this, even zombies with super powers, like running superfast or jumping or even swimming .If the world will die it will be because of everything less a zombie apocalipse. Most likely a war. PS:I didn't said that the casualties would be low! just that we would win
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    [SA] Show us your character!

    Me and my Brothers of Arms ! http://scr.hu/2m63/kx2qb http://scr.hu/2m63/rd0lu
  8. So before I start I want to say that I had already created a story in my application but I decided to do something much better. My ideia is to stay in vybor police station and help everyone around and of course for action, hunt the thiefs in the zone and so one I decided to create a backstory that whould fit in the main lore. I want your public opinion so I can edit and to better. Thank you. Story Born in Chernarus, I went to the police academy with 19 years, 2 year working as a chernorussia officer, next year attempted to join OREL,almost at the end of the recruitment, a was mention as a noticable high capable and talented person, everything was going perfect (Inside the Orel installations). The infections started spreading some time ago, but no one was paying enough attention, besides that i was in the other side of chernarus, at the Orel Installations. "Despite just being a two week old crisis, by October 19th most of western South Zagoria is described as "a chaotic no-mans last that is lost from all control" by some CDF sources. The infection still hasn't reached most of the southern and eastern parts of the province, but refugees are pouring in from the affected areas at an uncontrollable rate." Yes, it was what i read in a 3rd category Jornal before the siren began to play, and like usual we made formation at the plaza. One of the high ranked officers came to us and said we soon should be put in the "war zone" despite we almost completed the entire course, we had enough capability to do our job. "On October 21st, after having lost control of the coastal village of Kamenka and Komarovo, the Chernarussian government declares marshal law in entire South Zagoria and central Chernarus. A news blackout from this region is also ordered, and this is not met well. Riots starts to occur all over central Chernarus and in Berezino and Novodmitrovsk to the east, further complicating an already serious security situation. This is when civil order starts to break down and control of the infection is completely lost." (...) This character must likely will be put in action once the persistence is on (0,54 patch).
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    [ACTIVE] [BS] Black Swan PMC [Recruiting]

    I would agree, if only because the UN doesn't really have any power. NATO or a new coalition of forces would definitely hire PMCs as they're cost effective and there isn't as huge of an outcry when a PMC contractor dies vs a uniformed soldier. They've been extremely effective when used by coalition forces in both Afghanistan and Iraq, so it's actually pretty much guaranteed that they would be used in a quarantine of Chernarus. They wouldn't be doing direct action nor actually holding the quarantine, but would more likely be providing security for VIPs or protecting convoys doing resupply of the land-based quarantine. The PMC idea you're thinking of hasn't been seen since Executive Outcomes really, which went out of business in the late 90s. They were real mercenaries. EO was hired to put down insurrections in both Angola and Sierra Leone, and got the job done. Modern PMCs don't do that sort of thing and don't even associate with the word "mercenary" because they don't fight wars for their customers, they augment traditional forces for a fraction of the cost or they work with private industry. Trident providing security on Maersk cargo ships is a good example, as are numerous companies providing security for convoys of commercial vehicles, security for commercial construction projects or operations, or civilian VIP escort. But there is a good point to be made about why they were even inside the quarantine zone in the first place. Unless they made their way inside the quarantine zone after the quarantine collapsed? But why would they do that? We were there protecting some fo the medical facilities set up by the UN in chernarus. When the country got overrun, there was way to escape, so we are basically trapped in here. I'm quite sure UN would never hire mercenaries or PMC. My personal image of a PMC is that they go in, do their job and get out, hardly ever caring about "side missions" that can be done outside the contract, especially if it means risking their lives. As long as they get the contract job done they don't care for much else. That's why it seems strange to me why these members, after losing 10+ men (15 were sent in, 5 are left) would want to stay here and uphold the original contract (which was for 3 weeks only, it's been 4 months now). The problem with trying to leave is there is nowhere to go. Based on Tomeran's broadcasts, everywhere but Iceland, i believe, got overrun. Chernarus had a relatively low population compared to bigger countries such as the US, so there are less infected within the area. The US would have 10s to 100s of millions of infected roaming the country. Also, from the broadcasts, the US military is losing the fight agaisnt the infection, multiple cities are ground zero at this point, there nothing left to go back to. Why not try to make a difference in the country they are already in, then to try to find a way to get out of chernarus, travel back to the US, and have a lot slimmer chance of surviving. Also, sorry for any spelling mistakes i am on my phone Where have you found that informations ? what broadcast are you talking ? "US military is losing the fight agaisnt the infection, multiple cities are ground zero at this point" etc etc ... ??? Even if its true which i hope not, is still to soon, unless zombies decided to use vehicles LOL ---- The pmc ideia is good, if not then help with some ideia that could fit in the main lore.
  10. Sir.Pantheon

    [ACTIVE] [BS] Black Swan PMC [Recruiting]

    It is another Navy SEAL. I'm pretty sure there's a couple full teams in Chernarus by now. But that being said, the CEO isn't in Chernarus, so I see no problem. Then again, Octavius has a Navy Officer rank in front of his character name and a trident in his signature, so he might be playing a SEAL too. Which is interesting because no one cares if you were an O-3 when you left, you don't use rank after separating from the military unless you actually retire, and even then it's generally only O-6s or higher who still sometimes get referred to by their rank. Also E-9s. So the fact that Octavius' character refers to himself as LT indicates he's still an active member of the Navy (assuming he's from America)... So how is he also contracting for Black Swan? Could be interesting. I use to play as a Seal before we created the group and I just haven't changed the signature. My character right now has the rank lieutenant to indicate that he is currently the highest ranking member deployed in the area. My character was in the military, but isn't anymore. With most countries pulling their troops out of the quarantine to return home because the infection is being spread, PMC would most likely be the only force the UN could deploy. It's been a controversy for years on whether or not PMCs could, in fact, be deployed as UN peacekeepers because of their quick response time. It would be easier for a PMC to go to a country then, for example, the US to deploy troops to a country. They would most likely wouldn't be there for very long, but they would be there until a country could deploy troops there. As it says in the backstory, we were suppose to be there for very long, we were just suppose to be there long enough for more UN peace keepers to be deployed to the area. Makes sence i guess ... im not expert in this things, but its funny to know that a pmc group can be made from a lottery ticket Anyway i did 2 questions and so far no one answered me 1º Are you guys in s1|s3 or s2 ? 2º If i need you services, who much it whould cost? And im saying this because i have an idea to do in the 0.53 patch and some external help whould rly help.
  11. Sir.Pantheon

    [ACTIVE] [BS] Black Swan PMC [Recruiting]

    is this group in Europe \ America ? Which way could i pay for the services (in case i need ?). Since there is no money in game, perhaps bullets like metro (game) ?
  12. Sir.Pantheon

    DayZRP Standalone Private Shard

    is the new patch already in ? just readed this, let me check in game
  13. *.* Its about time ! Almost a year before i regreted for buying dayz sa but now that the game is evolving, f**k it! you guys can take 'ma' money!
  14. I dont understant why people dont play on the s3, the s1 is always full and still people insist to join on him. I dont know if you guys know but the gear you have on s1 is on the s3 also, you dont start over again. Lets use the S3, if not its a waste of money for the admins .. and the server location is good... im from madeira island and even being far way both servers do the job for me Regards Vasco R. Costa Nathan R.Steel
  15. For example i got a modafoca survivor with a guillie suit on S1 (german host), IF I DECIDE to play in the new S3 (British Host) since boot are in Europe, is the Data connected? Will i restart ? or will I keep my stuff ?