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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. The Game

    Hi, been a while Siorre!
  2. The Game

    I have learned a important lesson, Never click any links posted by Terra EVER This is a good lesson. The sooner you learn it, the better.
  3. The Game

    Here, get mine. Late one.
  4. The Game

    I see people losing the game still. Very good. Keep on going.
  5. The Game

    I guess this is still alive. Great. The more people, the better.
  6. Time to step aside

    I salute you Dax. Thanks for everything you've done! o7
  7. Staff team changes

    Good run to everyone. You've all done nice work. However, it is sad to see you all go. o7 Take care. EDIT: Thanks for everything!
  8. The Game

    This thread is still alive? I can't believe it. Keep losing people <3
  9. It's been my pleasure...

    Thanks for your time, Thump'. It had always been great working with you. Take care of yourself!
  10. The Game

    Look at what we got here.
  11. The Game

    Not my fault, I swear.
  12. The Game

    In other news, hi guys I'm back.
  13. The Game

    I see the thread is still alive. Great.
  14. The Game

    Updated OP.