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  1. Ok one more quick question. On the standalone Rules page it says " THESE RULES ARE NOT YET IN EFFECT GO TO MOD RULES FOR CURRENT RULES AND PASSPHRASE" , does this mean that the pass phrase for the whitelist is not on the SA rules page and that you can only find it on the Mod rules page ?
  2. I have looked around on the site but I cant seem to find the answer I'm looking for. Basically what year is DayZRP set in , how long after the apocalypse started ? Just general background information like that. Just wondering because I plan to submit a white list application soon but first I want to get everything perfect . Thanks
  3. SimpleHunter

    First-Person-Only in Standalone Poll (One server, not all)

    Im probably going against the majority here but I think at the current stage in development third person is better. The game has lots of fps issues and fairly clunky movement and in my opinion 3rd person mode counters these issues a little bit. On a side note I feel 3rd person also adds to immersion in a way, Its pretty awesome to see your geared up character looking so vulnerable in the harsh world that is chernarus.
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    When I first began playing standalone I was pretty awful at surviving but my current Character has probably been alive for 28 hours or so of game time. The first thing I did was find a pond or a well and I would drink until I was fully hydrated - that way I wouldn't have to worry about dehydration for a while. Then I just head up north and scavenged for any food I could get. I highly recommend going to a hospital to stock up on some medical supplies, makes it a lot easier when you do get hurt. I also just be really cautious , scout a town out before entering and dont gather any attention towards yourself .
  5. Hey everybody , recently heard about DayZRP and absolutely loved the idea of it ! I look forward to being part of the community and maybe one day getting white listed