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  1. I am also interested in this problem, i too have this issue from time to time. Some days i can tab out fine, but others i can't. I am unable to figure out the cause.
  2. Yea i wasnt ever to sure what that mean by "soft skills," i figure the more of something you do such as leather crafting or cooking the better quality they are or like with butchering an animal you would have an actual chance at getting a 100% steak. I've also heard that later on they are making can openers more important by lowing the percentages of a can opened by other items.....so maybe one could be skilled at opening a can with a sledge?
  3. just wondering if there is a way silencers could be repaired. Im looking for a weapon cleaning kit atm because you would think that would do it.
  4. Yea sorry about all the rage, i just had some really bad experiences early on. Since my original post i've applied some new rules i made: Make friends early, and don't go it alone when possible. I figure some guy isn't going to kill some other guy for no reason if there are witnesses. My experience has been much better, the only sketchy thing i ran into was when a guy said he had a camera and wanted the three of us to line up for a picture, and although he seemed friendly, i noticed he was carrying a fully loaded AK so i was quick to gently skirt that situation lol.
  5. LeapinGnome

    The sadness of an empty player count

    Yea i wouldnt mind playing it more often. I havent had too much experience with Arma 2 or its mods so i think thats what's making me reluctant to do so but i figure once i get it down to the point i can partially understand it i think id be down to play it more often.
  6. Thanks for the recomendation but i dont, my old computer maybe but not this one. i was recording with Open Broadcaster Software just so i could go back and rewatch RP because my character is an Anthropologist and i wanted to make a thread with his observations on the survivors he meets. I just have no clue what program i could use that would work the cut down those files because its just a 30 sec bit of an hour and a half of playtime up to that point.
  7. Yea i get it but it just ends up so frustrating because it seems like every time i get past the point where im struggling to find food someone KoS's me or my leg gets broken out of nowhere when i cant fix it then get sent back to square 1. Only positive i can pull out of the last one is that i was able to put a tent up beforehand.
  8. So i've been KoS for the second time this week. The first time may have just been a random death due to it being Alpha but the last time the fucking dude just said "hey hows it going?" and i just said "good how are you" and he fucking shoots me, no statement of hostile intent, no RP. I have the whole thing recorded but i cant figure out how to cut it down or id put it up on here but it not like i even have the guys name to report him. On top of all this yesterday i saw a guy that i was rping with yesterday take a shot to the chest out of no where, luckily he survived. Im new to this group (this is actually my first post) and im trying to get a friend here to join me but idk if i can tell him anything other than dayzrp.com=bad RP atm.
  9. I only just started playing Dayz recently but already logged plenty of hours on it. I love the game but my friend who turned me onto it doesnt play it to often so I came here to find some new friends to enjoy the game with. Im not all that experienced with RP, tried playing dnd but it didnt catch my interest, I do play WoW but i dont role play in it. I've always loved fps ever since i picked up a copy of Goldeneye and i feel RPing in a game like this would be perfect for me.