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  1. Ender was born in 1995 in Bergen. His father was a british businessman, owner of a handful of bakeries and confectionaries, and his mother was a simple shopkeeper. They argued about his name for a long time, but eventually came to the decision that the father would give the first name, and he'd keep his mothers surname. At the age of 16, he and a group of his friends got into hunting thanks to the father of one of them, who brought them along on a hunting trip. Ever since then, Ender eagerly participated in target practice, hunting trips, and things like that. Eventually, he decided to learn more about what one could do with the game, and at the age of 18, he got into leatherworking, and began making things out of the skin of the animals he and others hunted. It was just a hobby, but the products he sold earned him a decent amount of pocketchange. After graduating from school and working a couple of years, Ender and a group of his hunting buddies decided to go on a vacation. Travelling from country to country, hunting where they could get permission to and visiting tourism spots where they couldn't. Chernarus was just a country they were passing through. None of them had any interest in hunting in a country recovering from civil war. They were spending a few days there, before taking a flight out. That was the plan, atleast. The day there were going to fly out, Ender woke up with a massive hangover. He had gotten the brilliant idea of visiting a pub the night prior, and one thing lead to another, and he got hammered. His passport was gone, and he missed his flight, while his companions left without him. Despite how different the country was, Ender found something charming about it... The people, the city itself. He decided to hang around for a while. Days became weeks, and weeks became months... Living in a hostel in Chernarus, he one day realized his money was running out, and decided he should get his ass back home... But then it was too late. Political demonstrations and protests flared, and things got a bit dangerous... Ender wasn't really interested in going out with that mess ongoing, so he decided to stay indoors, to wait it out... Surely it'd be over soon, right? Riiight? Nope. Martial law was declared, and things got even worse. He didn't really feel like taking the risk of heading to an airport as a foreigner in a country like this in the middle of such a tense situation, so he stayed low, spending time with the few friends he had made in the city, desperately hoping it wouldn't end up in another war... One night, Ender awoke the loud noises in the distance, and he went down to the lounge to see if anyone knew what it was. Unfortunately, nobody knew, and several of the other people that came down looked scared... No wonder. It seemed that war was coming after all... And Ender was stuck in the middle of it. He overheard people talking about the airport... And there not being any fligths out. Then soldiers set up a checkpoint right next to the hostel... More and more military personell arrived, and it seemed like it'd be relatively safe. But Ender just wanted to get home. One mistake lead to him staying... And he regretted it more than anything. He was afraid, terrified of what could happen. War wasn't something he wanted to get stuck in the middle of! The soldiers told the staff and guests to make the place safe. And it ended up with all entrances being barricaded, closed off with wood and furniture. Ender heard rumors of there being some sort of infection. A virus, that made people attack eachother... Eventually US soldiers showed.They came through the city of Dubky, and gave a shimmer of hope. They were going to solve this, surely... Or not. The 19th, the shimmer of hope died. Infected people attacked the people and soldiers, overwhelming them. The janitor calmed people and brought us downstairs... Occassionally, he'd go see what the situation was, and tell us. But we couldn't stay there forever... Someone passed out food, but he didn't pay attention to who. He was too occupied with listening... Trying to hear what was going on... All those subtle noises of the infected out there... A plan to get out was hatched. To fight back the infected and get the main door closed. A simple plan... In theory. However, when they tried closing the door, an infected got into the hostel. Someone screamed, and more infected came. One of them got one of th estaff, and started eating him alive! There was no time. The plan failed. Everyone stormed out, running... Not everyone made it. The streets were packed with them... There were so many. Ender was fast... He ran, and ran... Separated from the others, he ran deep into the woods until his legs wouldn't support him any further.
  2. Thank you for the warm welcome! Looking forward to getting back into DayZRP with some good ol' friends!
  3. Natje

    2016 Role Player of the Year nominations

    Nominee; @The Spartan Reason; Throughout several groups, from the Wolves, The Last Companions, and Milice Zachovani, The Spartan's characters have always been some of the most noticeable in the group.From Nora, the mute hyperactive girl you can't take your eyes off or she'll climb a wall or tower, to Sara Cernik, the somewhat-serious CDF soldier who gets shit done. Spartans text-RP characters have always have a strong impact, despite the disadvantages text-RP holds. He's always able to get it done right. Evidence; The Wolves, The Last Companions, Milice Zachovani, personal experience.
  4. Natje


    If my internet was reliable enough to play DayZRP, I would've definitely gotten back in just to join a group like this. Best of luck with this.
  5. Sitting in the dark damp hideout, illuminated only by a gas lamp, Ender is playing chess with himself when one of the radios hanging on the wall crackles to life. He sits completely still, chess piece in hand, listening to the broadcast. He stands up from the chair he was sitting in, and walks over to the wall, grabbing the radio. He holds it for a few minutes, trying to figure out what to say, before pressing the PTT. Enders voice is slightly shaky. "Jamie... It's.. been a while. I... didn't expect to hear your voice after this long..." He releases the PTT and clears his throat before continuing. "I'm around, I guess... Though I haven't really, gone out of my... 'home'... for quite some time... Nor am I planning to... So... you couldn't find the rest of them either, huh... I guess, they must've travelled far... I don't know if, anyone else is still around... How've you been, Jamie? It's... been a while." Ender releases the PTT, and walks back to his chair. He stares at the chess board for a bit, before muttering to himself. "Fuck... Whose turn was it..?" Then he remembers he still has a piece in his hand.
  6. I play an Ex-CDF character. I would however, recommend you to play something else as your first character. To be a CDF, you need to be able to put on a somewhat working chernarussian accent, you need to know CDF lore, and you need to behave soldier-ish. I would recommend being a regular civillian at first, which also will help you learn living without military grade gear.
  7. Natje

    [MZ] Milice Zachovani [Selective Recruitment]

    Good bye, Russians.
  8. Hearing the broadcasts, Havel lifts his radio from his pocket. If you don't want to be judged by the past of the name you use, don't go by that name. When I inevitably meet you, I will do everything in my power to make sure you don't get away alive, Russian shit. I would reccomend going back to Russia where filth belongs. The transmission ends.
  9. I thoroughly enjoyed the roleplay provided by Dmitry and the Mobius, Jake Fisher, and Kenny who couldn't handle a strong chernarussian fist I thank you all for the great day.
  10. Thorougly enjoyed the RP from the SZTC when they captured me last night! I'm sorry if I acted a bit weird, I was drunk but I tried my best.
  11. The baseball bat was delicious, Patz. Thanks for the RP, try not to be so lethal next time <3
  12. Natje

    Why now?

    Because after 5 months of working on 0.60 they finally managed to make things perhaps?
  13. Natje


    Well, theft is a hostile action. If they blatantly go into your tent, knowing it's yours, and steal from it while you're watching, you gain KOS. Next time it happens, reclaim your fish coated in your enemies' blood!
  14. Me and my group took a hostage, and while I RP'd with the hostage inside a house my friends went to look for another person we were told was around. Suddenly there's a man in handcuffs at the doorstep staring at me. I got very confused.
  15. Havel Sobotka POV We were running towards the road at Stary where it splinters off to Vyshnoye to back up Lemons talking to a whole bunch of people when I suddenly hear a gunshot crack and I hear PatZ saying Otokar got shot. Shortly after an unarmed (Or just not holding his gun and I don't see a gun) dude with an orange raincoat shows up. He seems interested in looting the body, and we tell him to fuck off. Shortly after that, another guy does the same, and we tell him to fuck off as well. Yet another dude shows up from up the hill, he's wearing a pink armband, and he mentioned one of his guys got shot as well. The Orange and the pink armband seemed to be together, as I heard them mentioning "Vladimir got shot" as we left. Responce to Corb's POV; By what I saw from the pink armband dude, they were wearing black. Two of us, including Otokar, were wearing military clothing, the other three civillian gear. No armbands. We were not part of the pinks or any of the people down at Stary. I find it strange you mistook a stationary man in CDF military equipment for a pink armbanded person hunting you or being hunted or whatever,