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  1. lmao dont worry, the zombie ai will be improved early next year ;-) /e: if you dont want to fight zeds, locking them into houses is working fine for me (almost all the time)^^
  2. Chili Joe

    0.52 Patch discussion

    found this on experimental today (sry 4 shitty quality): MP5 + Kompensator New V3S Colour:
  3. hey, the 980 is just *** expensive.. unless you have lots of money i would take a 970... and as already mentioned the processor might be a bit overkill. i would recommend a Xeon (E3-1231 v3, 4x 3.40GHz) if you are NOT interested in OC... The xeon is like a good i5 just without OC and included grafics but you will get hyper-threading at the price of a i5 ;-) /e: i've ordered new pc parts last week
  4. Chili Joe

    Server Maintenance

    hey, there is also a post on r/dayz each week during the maintenance: http://redd.it/2oud66 reddit, the server list (gametracker) or the devs tweets should also be the first places to check if the servers are online again :-) *I'm hoping for a new experimental update today... *hype* I've heard awesome stuff!
  5. hey, jep, as Chriss already said, thats one of the ester-eggs you have found. As far as i know you cant use the radio which is shown on your screenshot.
  6. Hey guys, I'm new to this place. The people call me “Chili Joe” cause there was a time when my parents owned a big farm in eastern Germany (Oh, Brandenburg), where we've grown all kinds of vegetables. But my heart always belonged to the chili plant, which I grew in a small greenhouse on our property. I used it to create really hot sauces and the people really liked it and gave me the name Chili Joe. You have to know that there was not much other hot stuff around, so I was like a pioneer in my little town.. ...But since I've arrived in Chernarus I wasn’t able to find any chilis or their seeds... only these green bell peppers seem to be quite common... They aren’t spicy at all! So if you have seen some Chili or even own one, please let me know! If you want to ask me something specific, just ask! Chili Joe Please correct me when I say/write something wrong because English isn’t my native tongue as you might have noticed already ;-)