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  1. HanSolo

    CLOSE THREAD: Reign of Kings Roster/Registry

  2. HanSolo


    And the facepalm is real.. Thats been nine agonising hours since i first started the application.. Hopes are i get whitelisted Anyways thx for your answers and patience, it is quite frustrating not to find that thing so thx for baring with me. Kind regards Harry Telemarking (hopefully)
  3. HanSolo


    I'm sorry, thx for the replies, but this is gettin ridicolous. Is there any chance that there is something i havent done in advance that needs to be done to get the pass to appear? Like log out and back in after i have registered and clickd on the link in the email? And is there a way to save my application before i log out (its all filled out)? I'm close to givin up here because of this, and i know thats not the point of it.
  4. I am truly sorry for making a post on this topic. In my defence i have marked it with the correct subject so people easily can avoid it. I can not fint the passphrase, I am therefore wondering if i got the correct link so that it is actually being generated into my rule set. To answer any questions about me reading the rules, i can only reply that i have read the rules 6 times in full, two last times i read it out loud as was sugested to be a good technique. I want to get into Standalone servers, but in the rules it states that the rules for standalone is not ready, i therefore go to the rules for the mod. I have read these rules as stated above six times. I have not read the general rules as many times, because it is clearly stated that the Passphrase are in the mod section of the rules. The link for the rules i am looking thruu are here: http://www.dayzrp.com/rules-mod I cannot do anything but doubt that the passphrase is in there, this is because im good at reading and have reached the age of 32 without being called an idiot to many times in rl. I know the rules very very well by now, but i cant find the freakin passphrase... I know its illegal to "help" and also its not the same for everyone.. But i would love if one of the admins have the chance to se if im reading the correct rule set? Im getting a bit bored over here, just spent the last 3 or 4 hours looking for this passphrase
  5. Thx man, im just roaming around before i send in my application and this seems like sound advise.. I am completely new to Rp'ing