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  1. It worked! Thank you very much for helping with the problem and also teaching me how to find servers in game. Now I don't have to use that crappy program anymore!
  2. I'll walk you through what I'm doing. First I go to gametracker to join the US server. I go to gametracker because I don't know how to find a server in game. I then click on the join button and it launches the DayZ Standalone game and puts my on a blue screen with a red box at the bottom that says Password: and bellow the text is the box. I type in dayzrp exactly like that. Then it say you may not join, password given was incorrect. I don't see me doing anything wrong besides maybe joining through Gametracker but even then it has the IP right above the password box so I'm pretty sure I'm on the right server.
  3. Yup, just tried it again, no spaces, no caps, nothing besides the 6 letters and it still says the password given is incorrect
  4. I did that too, it still says password given is incorrect
  5. I got accepted a few hours ago and I'm trying to get on for the first time right now. When I get to the password screen and type in the password given to me on the whitelist page, it says that the password is incorrect. I've tried it multiple ways, all lowercase, all uppercase, with the ' ' around it, nothings working. Could someone please help?