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  1. but yesterday when i played i went into a house in electro and found some loot i dont need. i went to same house it has the exact same loot i nsame places do things not respawn anymore? server just restarted, no new loot in any buildings
  2. Ive noticed this on experimentaal dayz and a bit of normal dayz as well. I kind was on a dyz hiatus for a few months and came back recently. what happened to all the stuff?
  3. i did text rp but i felt like a douchebag lol
  4. first guy i ever meet, i go to say hello, mic isnt working. i fumble around a bit trying to get it to work until he works over says hello and all i do is write //ooc mic is broke and run away I believe I have fixed it now tho lol
  5. DoctorPhil

    Einzelgänger Security [Open Recruitment]

    [APPLICATION] Name [iC]: Philip 'Doctor Phil' Todd Selected Role [Einzelgänger Security or Community Member]: Doctor or Field medic Why would you like to be this role? I have experience in medical sciences What can your provide for the community? Dedication to group as well as a level head in combat Why do you think the community can help you? I think I need a team as I am currently a loner and it is not fun to be a loner Skills: a degree in medical sciences and psychology, I would be more suited to fild medic as my experience as a psychologist could help me calm the patients and my medical experience would help me treat the woulds at the same time Play time: about 4 - 5 hours on weekends Location and Timezone: USA Pacific time (California)
  6. I am officially white listed, anyone wanna be friends? Dare I say, friendly in Cherno?!?
  7. I'm 4\8 in que so how long will that be?
  8. I got it boys no need to frett third time reading it out loud I i feel like an idiot for not getting it the first time it is so obvious haha Also does anyone know how long it takes for an app to be read I spent over an hour on mine and I'm excited
  9. Update: read it out loud, haven't found it, starting to believe I am dyslexic
  10. Wow there's a lot of mods on here lol. Thanks guys I'll let you know when I find it haha
  11. Listen, I realize that you will say it is there, but I have read it 4 times over, shown it to a friend, I can't find it. Does it just say this is the rules pass phrase is it bolted I can't find it anywhere. Is it like some word out of place or something? If you would like I have screenshoted my rules I can put them up. Would reading them from a mobile device have any effect? Where is this damn rules passphrase EDIT: can an admin put this under General Discussion I didn't mean to put it under suggestions