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  1. I have Returned

    Hey Everyone! Took a hiatus from DayZRP when I got married last june. The new update got me re-energized to play and after familiarizing myself with the new features and content that have been added I felt a huge urge to rejoin this amazing community. My whitelist just got approved and I look forward to some great RP with whomever I run into out there! Feels good to be back!
  2. RP tips

    Make sure your character has some flaws, not too many though as that can handcuff your RP. It's not the skills your character has that makes them interesting, it's their flaws. Just make sure when you choose your flaws that you do your research on those particular flaws if you are not familiar with them. That being said research your proficiencies and skills as well. The more familiar you are with your characters strengths, weaknesses and general demeanor the easier the RP will be. Oh and keep a notepad and pen/pencil on hand. Write down things your character has learned in their travels and people you have met. It's probably the most useful tool you can have while you role play.
  3. Is the Mosin still the best gun ?

    The best weapon is the one you are most comfortable with. All guns are deadly in the right hands. I've seen people singlehandedly take out entire groups with a .22
  4. What do you do when you travel?

    I spend a lot of time Lone Wolf, and I actually sing to myself in game with the mic open. Haven't had anyone run into me on a long trip while singing yet but I feel it's something my character would do if out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but his thoughts to accompany him. Once I find a town though that all changes and I'm as silent as a mouse.
  5. How do you RP?

    The key to roleplaying a good character is not their skillset but rather their flaws. The little things that make them human. Flaws are what really define a character and make them memorable. But flaws to can be like a ship on the water. A ship can float on water but it can also sink in it. Have a handful of interesting yet believable flaws. These flaws will govern how your character acts in certain situations and will add depth to your RP, just don't go overboard on the flaws or it will look to unrealistic and handcuff you as a role player.
  6. Glitch RolePlayers

    The only glitch I've roleplayed is when a guy dropped a weapon in a house and it disappeared on him. As he was trying to find his weapon I asked him if it fell through the floorboards and if so he may not be able to find it. This was an acceptable explanation for what happened and everyone rolled with it.
  7. Here's a pro-tip: Stop sprinting - You burn your food/water 3x faster than jogging but you don't move 3x faster. If you want to conserve food/water you need to slow down. It will take longer but you'll be able to go farther.
  8. I am sick of BADRP robberies

    People see opportunist and read it the wrong way. Basically what I'm saying is that I used to be 'good', did my best to help anyone who needed it. Now after being taken advantage of and beaten on several occasions just for wanting to help, he's now focused on himself. Being an opportunist does not mean I rob people. If I was starving and I needed food, maybe. But it hasn't come to that yet. If I see a group of people and they don't see me I take the opportunity to spy on them. If I see a group and they see me but there is a good distance between us I take the opportunity to get the hell out of there. I don't think my character would ever be malicious for any reason. But I will do whatever is necessary to survive and take any opportunity that crosses my path to ensure my survival.
  9. I am sick of BADRP robberies

    You die a hero or live long enough to become a villain. My character started out helpful, but now is a cautious opportunist.
  10. New zombies....

    A strategy for dealing with Z's in town I've learned is to make a b-line for those little shack shops that have the ladder access to the roof. Make sure you close the door before you climb up. Great place to make a stand and shoot over the side. Just don't run out of ammo. Now if you have no ammo and are feeling lucky you can also try the same tactic but instead leave the door open so they all bunch up inside. Then look over the edge and close the door from the roof, locking them in (provided they don't clip through, that's where the luck part comes in) I haven't tested this strategy with the new zombies, but it was always my go-to move when I was getting overwhelmed or needed to bandage.
  11. It Just Took Me An Hour To Walk To The Store...

    As a doctor I'm selective about approaching people/groups on my own. If it's a group and they haven't seen me I tend to sneak up close enough that I can hear them talk for a bit before I decide to show myself. If it's a solitary person I make sure my gun is out but not raised. If I actually decide to interact with whomever I come across I usually identify myself as a doctor and offer any medical assistance they may require. If they don't need any help then I ask them where they are coming from, where they are headed and if they know of any groups. After that I wish them safe travels and head on my way, always keeping an eye out that they don't double back on me. If at any time things feels sketchy I cut and run. Just as I expect I would IRL. I'm not avoiding RP I'm avoiding risk. As any sane individual with an ounce of common sense should do.
  12. 1911 or Magnum?

    Take the magnum while looking for clips for the 1911, once you have 2 clips for the 1911 then start looking for the gun itself. One you have the 1911 you can trade/give/drop the magnum.
  13. Persistence and Maintenance

    I would love for tents and any base/fortification building they plan to implement to persist separately from loot and vehicles. Would really allow for some great RP development. I have no idea what their plan is but I hope they keep us role players in mind.
  14. where can i find player?

    Find out by asking other survivors in game. Answering you here would technically be metagaming. When you encounter people ask them where they are coming from, where they are going, if they've seen any other people or groups around. Conversation makes for some good RP and a sense of discovery.
  15. Weapon Mags

    the broken down pickup trucks are a great source of pistol magazines. If you really want to get an idea of what spawns where use the dayzdb chernarus plus map and search for the item you are looking for in the bar on the right side of the screen.