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  1. /Archived at the request of OP. DM a Mod+ to bring this back.
  2. Never heard of that but after making some research you might want to try verifying your game files. Is it only on DayZRP that it does this? Could also be a connection bug or your headset wires. Open up Steam > Go to Library. Right-click on the DayZ game. Click on Properties > Go to the Local Files tab. Select Verify Integrity of Game Files… This process will start verifying and it may take some time to be completed. Once done, close the Steam client, and restart your computer to apply changes.
  3. good name 💪

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      Thank you Staff member Lexqie!!!

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  4. Your feedback is important and we are glad that you did! I wish you luck and if anything the community is there to discuss it as always
  5. Hello there, I do understand that it can be harder to get used to. The infected are now easy to kill (they updated it back today )as they used before without removing their different size or their ability to get inside or hit you in a car etc. I tested it myself and all it takes is to be careful and try to trigger one at a time. ( 3-5 hit with a pipe and they are dead). Sneak around and if it is with a gun, run make them be in a line shoot, run again, zig-zag turn back and shoot if you need to drop some things on the ground to have more stamina do it. Not every place has a massive amount of infected like Nyvoll, it is possible. Also, the update just came in. It gets time to get used to and also perhaps some other changes could be made.
  6. Born in a family that works for the military, she followed the same path. She wanted them to be proud of joining the military. Her results were successful and after many years of service, she then been transferred to the Federal Security Service (FSB) in Russia. The outbreak happened not long after she got transferred. 1st May 2022, some of her team went on a mission to Chernaruss, which they never returned. We do not know what happened to them, they have lost all communication. She now is enrolled with a new task force named Aurora. It's time to make some changes and Norway is where it begins.
  7. Lexqie

    Misty mountains

    The fog is coming!!! Nice pic
  8. That would be a great thing! I have seen groups linking some music for when we are reading to immerse us in their story! This way it would already be there and people can pause if they don't want to hear!
  9. Please transfer ownership to @Pai due to the recent discussion it is better like that.
  10. Hello I am the moderator you have DM yesterday. I believe we have been misunderstood. I actually didn't want to talk about the report from 1 month ago since it has been over with. I was also confused when you told me about the staff group. I tought you were talking about the outlaws exterminator since most of the staff are there compared to the 300th which I am the only staff. I am sorry for that. I am glad that you have made the post here, this way things can be discussed with everyone compared to my DMs where I myself don't have the power to apply changes/rules to the server. I would myself agree to a rule for raiding, to make it be only by using raiding tools that you would need to buy from the supply trader or something similar to it. On my part, I have been the one to raid only 3 times since I am on this server (almost a year now), most of the time I was just being around. I always had peaceful characters and this summer I also had my own group The travelers. It was to help newcomers and in fact, all my roster were Newcomers for the most part. Then me and a friend decided to bring the 300th here. When I go around I try to give the best roleplay I can. I am not hostile IC at least not as much as some could be which you are talking about in here. I wish we meet at some point in game because so far I have never seen your character, and perhaps change the view of me contributing in ''killing it'' which is not what I do or try to do. I want to contribute IC to the community and after this group, I will probably go back to making a non-hostile group. I myself do my best, I will say the same about the rest of the staff team! This summer the server was at the worst I have seen during my year in this server. 1st September arrived and they brought back Nyheim and they started to make events and they are still doing some. We do care for the community, we have voluntered and changes take time but we are looking into it and we are aware of what the community says. I would like to see this server like it used to be years ago.
  11. Wantchikatan tchikatan tchikatan tan-tan Tchikatan tchikatan tchikatan tan-tan Tchikatan tchikatan tchikatan tan-tan

    Awignaa 🙏


  12. 2.4 Don't be a sore loser. Items in game can be replaced, there is no need to be angry and hold grudge against someone just because someone was better. Keep in mind that it is just a game. Take regular breaks from the game if you have trouble separating In Character events from Out of Character real world. Like I said we are having fun in game IC but some people take it in an OOC way and then we should be the one to stop having our group goals. If they want to be angry it is their own issues because they are the one that instead of roleplay IC and have fun even with the circumstances of losing gear, they do that to themselves. They are the one that need to give less importance to what they lose. It will be way better than getting angry at a game when actually nothing against the rules have been made. I used to only do campfire roleplay, I was in hostile group having my own non-hostile story on the side. I was getting kidnap because of that and my restaurant was getting hit because I was affiliated with KAMN. Then went with FSB which was in Chernarus didnt last long but even there I was not that hostile. I wanted something different with some friends. I never actually did hostile RP except when I was in a cult group which was nothing to do with guns but RP torture. I wanted to be more hostile and I am having fun with it. Not because some people decide to get angry at us that it will make me stop being hostile. I should stop being hostile because they are attached to their gear? It's like if I was going in Montreal IRL WENT towards gang members and tell them to stop stealing my wallet because I did not asked for it. Then again, it doesnt mean that we are hostile just because we have the numbers. For exemple in my group, we are 20. But we don't go around all together, we go in group of 3 to maximum 6. It is mostly the same people that plays and we are not playing at the same time. Our hostilities have nothing to do with OOC, we go IC about our group goals. We are in a roleplay server, roleplay is dynamic not because you dont ask for it that it cant happen. That is something that people should know when joining a roleplay server. When I was in the clowns and I wanted to permanently scar their character I was asking permission OOC like when you want to permanently kill a character and I believe everyone that knows does it. But we don't have to ask permission to be hostile in general. I have an example. My group went toward some people in a hostile way and asked them for cooperation. They get protection coming from us and in exchange, they feed us, gave us shelter if we need and help by providing us with supplies. They went there being hostile about it because we are a gang we don't ask we take on an IC perspective. ( The victims can decide to not bend to our demands and IC go toward another group and pull the UNO reverse card on us ). It makes sense for my group to go around like that. But then, the victims brought it up OOC and said it was not okay, that there's a way to ask people for things IC. I then took the initiative to go toward them IC myself, alone and I demand the same things ( shelter, food, gear in exchange of our protection), I asked the same thing that my members asked, but while being calm and non-hostile and they ACCEPT. That proved to me that it was not the demand the problem, but that it was due to the fact that we are a hostile group. My group was under the rules to be hostile. We have a territory we ask paiements. Another example, I've myself been hostile with reasons and asked for some paiements made on different weeks, nails, ammo, wire. Nothing excessive and it has been brought OOC with hate toward our groups. It was for roleplay but that to me only made it seems that they didn't want roleplay at all even if the hostilities were not that hostile. I play a hostile character but I'm not even that hostile in my demand compared to some others but I still get hated. Hostile groups are not allowed anymore because people don't know how to deal with it IC. (Not everyone, but what ive seen and experienced so far) I should not have to ask them OOC if they want to roleplay. It's a roleplay server you have to roleplay. If people are getting continuously targetted by the same group and they feel it is against the rules they can report it. So far with my group, at the second we are hostile toward a group or someone for the FIRST time, they say that we are harassing them constantly when it was the first time.. They could have a story with it but instead of focusing on roleplaying it when they have a note or have been taken hostage, they focus on complaining OOC and come back in game the next day and they don't further the roleplay by finding help to go against us. It doesn't mean that you will get all of that instantly, it takes time but it is possible. People need to think more and make plans, I know they can. There are so many ways IC and I wish they can find those ways. There's nothing coming from OOC but some convinced themselves it was to make themselves feel better. It's about IC. Yes in all the time of DayZRP there might have been situations where people were going toward a specific person IC just because of OOC but it's not always the case.
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