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  1. Yes my group and I are there for that ! We accept any characters and newcomers are more than welcome ! It is always better when you know where to go to get roleplay especially in a big map !
  2. Cannot wait to witness all of that in game ! It will be fun and good luck with your group !! :D
  3. No raiding is not an issue right now , but it will be once the server is back up after low maintenance. (when i tell my opinions on changes i think big , not just the present but the future as well) all of those 10 people in a specific area , provide me great roleplay these last couple days. Not everything will be ACTION , but roleplay is about building . They get supplies meet some people here and there , they build up their character and then a story . Right now they are all friendly but will it be the case in a couple days , weeks? My point is if everyone would get in game instead of being on the forums talking about the low population , there would be an high pop ( inclueding myself) But anyway , right now it is summer , it is low maintenance . We all need some times away sometime to relax . And hopefully all come back in force when we hit september and apply some changes .
  4. When someone look for a dayz rp server they usually type : dayzrp on google and DayZRP server is the 1st one to show up. There is enough people joining everyday on the forums and they then create their 1st character. There is new people everyday as we talk right now. We don't necessarely need promotion that much. We just need the people to stick to this server and build stories. What would be the point to promote the server and lose all of them after 2-3 weeks because of the same things over and over ? We don't need to be 160 server population for roleplay. We could just roleplay with the people that are there with us instead of just not playing , complain about everything . And pretend to not play because there is nobody . With that mindset we won't go nowhere . We should just all get in game , roleplay and make those newcomers enjoy their time so they stay , bring their friends or what ever.
  5. Totally agree on that , we need to think about that new player base that shows interest in the game instead of just thinking about ourselves. We tend to forget that there is people joining everyday ( yes they are ) , i believe that they join to play the game ... Complaints are usually the same toward hostile rp such as the base raiding . To work on more rules and limit it would be a relief for some people. We do want those people to stay , not to leave after 1 week because they constantly get raid by many. And for the people that would stop playing cause of those limitations , it would be your choice but i have played on other servers with a lot more restrictions , it never stopped them to play . There is a server that you need to tell the group you want to raid and plan a day that both are available , that day they fight and then get the loot from their base. It never stopped them from playing and having fun. Yes there is some people that were providing some clues to promote roleplay such as the Chess pieces and that is original !! (they were also just taking a bit of supplies , not all of it ) But not everyone are giving clues and that is totally alright but it often result in offline raiding by not only 1 group but many other so you basically get raid everyday and have to start over everyday with no direction for the roleplay. Re work on the rules / restriction in base raiding and what they can hoard won't hurt anybody.
  6. Who did that 😂20220623185814_1.jpg.d20ff475e2c713c360afc5acac5e575d.jpg

    1. EvilShawarma
    2. fkingmissvick


      20220625133352_1.jpg.30151477cbc186d9fae0c0b08160e0f9.jpgit is cold yes

    3. EvilShawarma
    4. fkingmissvick


      gotta start to respond with notes now

    5. EvilShawarma


      agreed, they are active when we are both asleep. really nice guys

  7. Hello , you should be able to connect to the discord via this place https://www.dayzrp.com/
  8. 100% ! Those are great point and cant wait for that return Also for the point #3 that Rolland have stated it is not that bad of an idea , easier to deal with it , less drama , remove offline raiding drama happening and i mean it will force thief to roleplay if they want to rob someone , they will have to do with what the other have on his character Encourage them to roleplay it , instead of raiding their base once nobody is around to rp it ! #4 i did enjoy that futuristic lore as well , it is true that it gave more rp opportunities , and also character that never knew better than the outbreak , that was a great thing
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      It wont happen again i promise 😖

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  10. Welcome ! Looking forward for the roleplay
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