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  1. So I've been trying to crisp up my application, because it has been denied twice already. Though after the second cooldown the page was refreshed and it told me that a third application was submitted, though it was not by my doing. So after it was obviously denied it banned me from sending in another application, the one that I put a deal of thought into. It didn't give me a chance, and I'd like another one. Thank you -Etaliyx
  2. I've tried twice before, when the second cool down timed out, it automatically submitted who-knows-what. And if it was the same app from last time, it had different reasons why it was declined. I will take that advice, thank you
  3. So I was going to re-submit my app, the page was still on the time out screen for being rejected. But when i refreshed the page, it had said that my application has been submitted and it was awaiting approval. I would like this to be corrected as I'm sure it submitted my old application. (EDIT) I am now no longer to apply anymore,