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  1. Not enough different types of clothing right now. Everyone who looks the same would get KOSed by mistake.
  2. Tasluk

    Che Gray - Memoirs of an Anarchist.

  3. Tasluk

    Eddy Beck's Story

    I look forward to running into you.
  4. nice story.. Its very interesting reading about other peoples events
  5. Havent made it to green mountain yet.. but I intend to go there.
  6. Tasluk

    Server Feedback thread

    Server runs great, however there is a problem with making splints, skinning, or making improvised knives. Its not like that on other servers so its not just the game.
  7. I have noticed that there are often frequent server restarts. Is this a bug or is it manually be restarted for a specific reason? Just playing today, it seems like the server would restart every 30-45 min and then at odd times like 7:09 or 5:34. This poses a problem as gardens, and snares are not persistant and are lost. Also it is dangerous as restarts can possibly kill a character if on a ladder or the like. Add to this the disruption it causes in RPing, and it creates problems. I have played on other servers and this doesn't seem to be a wide ranging issue. Is this the norm?
  8. Tasluk

    PSA - Loot Respawn and persistence in DayZ Standalone [LESS RELEVANT NOW]

    Do books burn?
  9. Tasluk

    This has got to stop

    Messages like this show us newer members you guys are serious about RP..which is a very good thing. Glad to be able to play here.