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  1. Vito was born in Sicily in the 80's. He grew up in a small village on the island where he spent the majority of his childhood hunting, fishing and doing work on the farm. Unbeknownst to him of his families heavy ties in the mafia. when Vito was old enough he traveled across the ocean to join the us marines in the early 2000's. while serving in the military Vito deployed a total of seven times abroad in combat environments becoming very proficient in his job as a long distance marksman. Following his military service he retreated into a quiet life of solitude faced with the uncertanty of his future. Following the events of what would seem to be the end of the world Vito retreated back to his childhood roots. Vito spends most of his time Hunting and fishing and moving from location to location. He is very untrusting of others but hopes to one day find a small group in which to call his own. one day he will be amongst others again
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