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  1. And so begins the journey and story of Mark "Raven" Mavestien. Born 2044, Raven finds himself as a small child born in Upstate New York. His mother and father would split up and he moved with his mother to Governors Island, NY. From there, Raven was an interesting boy. A child of a surviving group that was determined to be peaceful and try to establish a survivors community. However, Raven did not believe in the survival of others unlike the groups' intentions. Raven grew quite fond of the bloodshed and violence and rarely saw the meaning of peace in life. Raven wanted to give the world his gift of insight. The unsatiable urge to unleash the terrors that grow inside. But, this is not where the story starts. For Raven never got the chance to be who he really wanted to be. In his teenage years, his group was ambushed by a small militia force that was trying to gather as many people as they could to have them mining in a remote area just outside of Nyheim. During the transportation, the boat arrived from Governor's Island to a town just located in between Alta and Nyheim. With the guards distracted over a small riot from the other prisoners, Raven took his chance and managed to escape capture and ran as far and as fast as he could. He was determined. No man or force was going to stop him. From there on, Raven grew up learning how to scavenge and survive using any means possible. Occasionally bumping into other survivors and groups on his travels. He acquired a particular set of skills in thievery and manipulation. He learned how to deceive people for their food and equipment and then he would vanish from their sight. Now, we meet up with Raven in his late twenties, where he starts to hear rumors and tales of a city with great prosperity. A city wealthy in food, water, and an abundance of resources. This is it, he thought. This was going to be his stomping grounds for his bottled up malicious roots that have been growing and hungry for salvation. To finally cure the world of it's humanity problem.
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