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  1. Turmoil

    Force Lore in whitelist

    This really needs to be implemented, if everyone could agree on and understand the current lore, I think RP'ing overall on the servers would be ALOT better!
  2. Turmoil

    Close the whitelist

    Once the logs come out, this won't be an issue any more. I'd say keep it open, we can endure the short while until they are here : )
  3. Shame these kinds of events happens Personally, I've never been robbed or even attempted robbed before, but I can imagine such encounters with hardly any RP is really lame. Personally I'd love to get robbed, if the RP is good ;p
  4. If you manage to make it to Berezino, try heading even further North/North-West from there. When you manage to reach Svetlojarsk or even Novodmitrovsk, or as I like to call them, food heaven, you should be set for life. There is close to unlimited supplies of food there, due to anyone rarely ever going close.
  5. I guess I just lost the game
  6. Turmoil


    +1. No way I'm trusting someone twitchy and egdy
  7. I've also tried re-installing and playing games both through steam and with a disc, same problems. As mentioned in my original post, this happens with every single game I try. It happens as soon as I start playing the actual game, but in some cases, like Arma 3, the game has intense artifacts even at the main menu. Even though the permormance is 10/10, these glitches are just too much for me to able to enjoy the card
  8. Doesn't do anything, unfortunately, nothing changes. I've been trying that all day with no results. Running as administrator, rebooting the computer, testing old drivers, nothing seems to cut it. I think I'll try putting my old Nvidia back in tomorrow and see if the problem persists, as I am very it's the card/the games reacting to it, as you said.
  9. Hey there, I've recently recieved a brand new Gigabyte AMD Radeon 290x GPU, but after about a week of playtime, this suddenly happens: Basically there is huge line-shaped artifacts flickering all over the screen in all the games I've tested. (10+ games). The temperatures are fine, I've even tried forcing it down to 40 degrees celcius while playing with no signs of improvement. Latest drivers installed. Heavily considering sending the card back for a full refund, and getting an MSI or Nvidia card instead. I had an old Nvidia 275 from 2009 up until this card, and I've never experienced anything like this. If anyone has any suggestions on any solution whatsoever though, I would gladly hear it!
  10. All of my normal Dayz SA experience has either ended by dying of starvation, or an axe to the face
  11. Turmoil

    Another Standalone server?

    Crossing my fingers for a 3rd server when logs roll in, I feel DayzRP is just going to increase in poularity
  12. I think it can really add to the experience, especially around a campfire. You can for atleast a few moments, forget your part of a dangerous zombie apocalypse, and just relax. It wouldn't be too unrealistic for someone to have some kind of music player IMO.
  13. Depending on the time of day, there's usually small settlements of people further inland. You might not come across any right away, but keep looking around! There's bound to be a group of people somewhere who's willing to trade and do some cool interaction with you
  14. Turmoil


    Could it be fatigue from running? I've noticed that after jogging of sprinting for a while, my character starts to breathe heavily, and will have a hard time aiming. If I walk or crouch around, his aim is considerably less shaky and twitchy!