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  1. Born in Ukraine during the apocalypse, Nikolai lived in a small community near the Sea of Azov until a group of Russian Federation came into his community at a young age and took it over via martial law. he can only remember life under this rouge military unit who called themselves 'Legion'. As a young teenager they trained him to be a soldier. Many of these soldiers told many stories of life pre apocalypse and told war stories. He learned they where members of the 93rd Army Group. He always wanted to learn about the past and collect the stories of others and has dreams of some day putting together a book to describe life for future generations. Once Nick was of fighting age he got assigned to the 82mm mortar section. Through his service in Legion he became the section leader and was a savant. He also was the Legions gunsmith through mentorship of a man named Demitri. In his mid 20's a very large group of Nato troops made contact with the Legion. It went poorly for Legion, not many survived and no one was sure how the conflict started. Nick has a mistrust of westerners in general. On his retreat east by himself he encountered a NATO member severely wounded, in a internal struggle he helped the man. His name was Brett. They became very close after a few weeks of mistrust. As they nomadically move from city to city, region to region, Brett became infected and Nick could not put him down, this mistake nearly cost Nick his life which will not happen again. Nick is determined to restart civilization, help those in need, but will not be taken advantage of.
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