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  1. I had agreed it was bad Rp, If I was required to make a pov about it, it was the best I had. I don't understand. Was i supposed to make a pov trying to defend myself and look like an idiot? You've complained about my bad rp and I agreed it was bad, I can't write a pov and try to make it seem proper when it wasn't. Everything I said was quoted and bashed for, when I've been willing to take a ban since last night for my mistakes.
  2. And there was not "accent" I tried to show off, never attempted to change anything so there was nothing to ignore with that, just to throw it in there. if you dont like my "voice" Nothing i can do about that. Of course you have your opinion so that's fine but you're irrelevant with me attempting to do accent, when I don't even have a accent I don't get it.
  3. So after coming out of the town tyler came to them explaining his story as seen in the video, tyler had a messed up leg and so on. tyler desired to pass on his historical jacket that has been passed on through his family, tyler wasnt gonna make it long so he wanted it to go to someone that could make good use of it, Unfortunately Tyler was unsuccessful in passing on the jacket. Making him upset. Tyler was a bit of a loony character, (I forgot to follow my character lore). And that was it of tyler. As for the Leg I suppose it could of played out better. Thats the best I got The rp was not good I agree. but if I need to make a pov its the best i have.
  4. I'm not on enough to really mind a ban I apologize for ruining the rp experince for others, I guess in a way i was trying to make my character a bit off, "Weird" But at the same time i was not following my charchter lore, and wasnt role playing out my shot up leg, in the end my bad. But I do not feel like trying to make a defendant pov for i really have no reason to care.
  5. No pov take the ban, apologies to everyone getting called to this report, didnt mean to waste your time.
  6. You may ask how a English washed Italian kid from Brooklyn got himself in this place, and its pretty damn good question, You see sometimes when you piss the wrong people off bad shit happens and sometimes you just got to remove yourself from what you used to be and start over. I learned to be independent at an early age, it is why i'm able to live here now, since a lot of the folks here speak a Language I could never learn. If i could reverse time and choose a non criminal occupation id do it, but it was just something about being part of the mafia that just drove me to it. Sometimes when i think about the shit i did for respect in the mafia it turns my stomach, that life experience made me a changed man today, You know sometimes i may consider myself lucky that i'm here right now instead of rotting slowly in some New York jail cell. Anyway enough of my pity let me tell you the story. It was my 3rd year with the family, (Mafia) and unfortunately FBI was taking down the last of the mafia associated members, they got a lead on me and brought me in for interrogation, They offered a deal that any Italian member would have to take up if they didn't want to spend life in jail, which is being wired, to get deep inside the criminal activity the mafia associates itself with. Me being a young man nervous, scared, regretful took this up with the possibility to save my ass from life in jail. However I was born loyal and I couldn't do this to the family, however it was to late. The night I had my tux on the bed, Enzo my closest friend, found the wire attached to the jacket, He had not known yet that my plan was to get out of brooklyn and go somewhere else, I walked back in the room and he played off like he didn't see anything, but i could see it in his eyes he felt betrayed, Unfortunately i never got to tell him my intentions because when morning came I was like a chicken running before being butchered, the Mafia was out for me, they wanted to assassinate me. Luckily i took extra precautions from the incident with Enzo the night before this morning and left the house and was staying at a hotel room across the street. The next day I could see my friends, my family going in my house with guns ready to kill what they thought was my act of betrayal to the family. After this dreadful witness I knew there was nothing for me here anymore it was my time to go, I needed some place quiet so quiet where an american government couldn't have good communication with and the mafia could never guess, I decided to illegally cross borders and house at what seemed to be the only place safe for my situation Chernarus. I arrived in Chernarus in December 21st 2016 and it was the most peaceful my life has ever been, but unfortunately for me things never say good in my life, cause what happens next is above the government or the mafia it is an act of cruelty from god, he punishes this land, i swear of it. Living my peaceful life in Berezino Chernarus the month of late april 2017 is when it ended, things started to get weird around here, Violence that I once got away from was happening all over the land, extremists started being a problem which was also followed by protests, and political demonstrations. The violence led the state to declare martial law in south Zagoria in the month of May to summarise it, It caused alot of locals to flee, but despite the chaos i still felt safe here i thought maybe it would pass. I remember the month July, I was sitting on my orange couch watching tv, I flipped it to the news and what I saw i couldn't believe. The local land that I came to to get away from it all was worst than my situation in brooklyn, NATO, bombing, Protests, the whole fucking government was falling, the cities of its own people were getting bombed, An infection of some sort, No one could leave the country, Borders were closed off, felt like it was a whole fucking dream no matter the less, eventually the power was knocked out of my home, Luckily i had my house in the forest away from the bombings, but at Night i could hear them go off, And during the day I could see evacuations and people flooding airports, I tryed to play it off stack up on as much food as I can and wait it out in my cabin, Fortunately that plan did keep my safe, it also keep me utterly clueless to what was happening around me. On my last can of food I decided to come out of a long awaited wait of extreme violence in Chernarus, But when i stepped foot out of my cabin I was no longer in Chernarus, I was in gods version of hell for the living, Torched land, Abandoned cars, and worst of all Walking corpses with skin leaking down there faces like it was melted plastic, I thought i seen all the violence possible in my life, but when I seen this, there was no words, I just thought this is my peaceful life..... than I paused my thinking as what seemed to once be a attractive young women make contact with my eyes and crunch its jaw up and down over and over again as it slowly came my way, What I had to do is best if not specified, but... it was the beginning of my journey. Official Story Of: Tyler Rosefield
  7. FrozenBullet


  8. It was Mike Blackwater his Forum name Being LOZA, however if hes to be called to this report give him sometime since he is currently working double shifts for his work. MIKE BLACK WATER being my friend not the "baiter" that they are mentioning. He was my business partner in the meat business.
  9. I am a bit confused in why I was called to this, however I do have an idea. I was in Stary when i witnessed both Johnson Brown and his friend killed in Stary, I had met Johnson Brown before that however we did some business and I sold him some meats, we happend to meet again and he said something about people trying to kill him, We than went down to stary were they were both killed and than me and Mike left in confusion (Mike Being my Buisness Partner) Thats about all I can say on this report, I didn't really know the whole situation to begin with.
  10. I will also like to state being a witness of everything, he never attempted to turn towards you I watched the whole thing unfold in front of me, And there is a way to know this, if you guys recorded the firefight it means you also capture him being killed while uncautious you can clearly see his uncautious body fall the opposite direction in which you shot him from meaning his body fell that way > while you shot him from behind. Uncatious bodies do not do 360s. Listen I really did enjoy your RP and I have no intention of being I guess you can say a "Dick head" But it is what it is, and its what I saw. No harsh feelings attended. *EDIT* The turning did happen!!! my apologies.
  11. Hello this will be my POV of the situation. To begin the rp that went on between me and the clown group was perfect no problems at all, Unfortunately I cannot say the same thing for my friend were he was blatantly killed without even having time to react to the demand. I will also like to state when he was shot he was not actually killed from it, he fell uncautious Were later they shot him to death while he layed there clueless to what just happend. I'm Sorry clown group but this just seems straight up a KOS and I will have to be against you on this .
  12. FrozenBullet

    i was just kosd

    Tyler Rosefield, I was taken captive of the clowns, I witnessed this first hand, if needed I am more than welcome to post about this report.
  13. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): [N/A] Why the verdict is not fair: No warning, I will admit i was fooling around by moving people in and out from the new comers channel however this was only a limited amount of times before i stopped. I was banned for (Trolling) Were i think this was just me being an idiot and goofing around and just needed a warning not a ban... Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Servers were on a 3 hour timeout, meaning everyone was chilling or atleast i was assuming. The guy who decided to go to the admins to say that I was trolling actually joined into my channel in his free will {besides the guy that I had moved in the group and did not leave] What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Really don't think this deserved a permanent ban, however you guys run this community and I respect that and any choices you choose for this ban appeal. What could you have done better?: To have not moved people in and out of the new comers channel, and to have taken this much more maturely.