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  1. I was born in Vancouver, Canada. My father was a police officer for the RCMP and was a hunter and camper, I learned many of my things from him including how to hunt and how to survive in the forest for lone periods of time. I joined the infantry reserves while attending university for business finances and learned lots about weapons and tactics. After graduating university I went backpacking through Europe by myself and ended up in Cherenausand had to stay as things progressed into present time. I now wander the country by myself and sell meats to fellow wanders.
  2. Ok I just read the whole report and will give my POV. Me and my business associate/freind Tyler Rosefield met Johnson in the field outside of Vybor Military base. We sold him some meat and then decided to go to Kabnino to look for more customers. On the way there me, Tyler, and Johnson spotted a man running in the field, me and Tyler followed Johnson chasing the man because we wanted to sell meat to him but after realizing that Johnson might possibly rob that man me and tyler left Johnson and ran to Kabanino. At Kabanino we met John Craver who said he would provide security for my meat shop. Me, Tyler, and Craver went to Stary to find customers. In Stary we met Johnson again. I do not remember if he told me and Tyler that he robbed the man that he was chasing, but since I just found out about that robbery on this fourm I will assume that he never told us. Then a man in a Knight helmet came to stary and Johnson initiated a robbery on him (me and tyler had no part in the robbery). Afterwards a russian man came and I offered to sell him meat, he declined my meat and said he wanted to trade ammo only. However, him and Johnson traded ammo and right after the trade Johnson was sniped. Shortly afterwards Craver started to question the Russian man and accusing him about shooting his freind(me and Tyler had no idea that they were friends). When Craver offered to trade guns for him to stop asking questions he was sniped. Me and Tyler left the town with the man wearing the knight helmet, me and Tyler were both very confused about the events that happened. I believe Izaack Sirko was the russian man I am unsure who the man wearing the knight helmet was I would like to state that Johnson and Craver were just acquaintances of me and tyler. We met both of them the very first time that day (met Johnson earlier than Craver). Also I had no idea of the robbery that took place outside Kabanino. Me and Tyler had no part in the feud that happened between these two groups we were just business partners trying to sell our meat.
  3. Me and Alec Riley worked it out in TS and I would now like to close this report
  4. Ok but the video shows me turning away after the first shot and not attempting to raise my weapon at anytime. I feel i should have been given more time to drop my weapon and put my hands up and should not have been killed unconscious due to me not attempting to raise my weapon. The video shows me not attempting to shoot and I should have been healed and woken up to resume RP. I feel I was given an insufficient amount of time to react to your commands and I feel you shouldn't have opened fire on me that early. I have to go to work now, I will recheck this post at 17:00 est.
  5. Oh ok, I didn't realize that I had turned sorry for the misunderstanding, however i still feel i was shot pretty fast, and was unnecessary for me to be shot while unconscious since I never had my gun pointed and never attempted to shoot.
  6. Server and location: I was on the EU 1 Server. The Location was the west road entrance to Kabanino (http://i.imgur.com/OnXgt9Q.png). http://i.imgur.com/OnXgt9Q.png[/img] Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): August 21st, 2016. around 12:00 EST Your in game name: Mike Blackwater Names of allies involved: Tyler Rosefield Name of suspect/s: Alec Riley, Dalton Low, and more members of the Clown Gang Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): http://i.imgur.com/cL78Tvt.png http://i.imgur.com/cL78Tvt.png[/img] [video=youtube]http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NwyVnlmMfJc Detailed description of the events: Me and my in-game freind, Tyler Rosefield were trying to retreive our stolen backpack from a naked guy named Ponny Scrocket. A group of people followed us as we ran after Ponny along the west road leading out of Kabanino. When we retrieved our backpack the clown gang initiated robbery on me and a group of at other least 6 people (I was not involved with them). I was looking through my inventory while they said this and was shot right as he was initiating the robbery. I was giving no time (basicly 2 seconds to put my weapon away, I never aimed my weapon and was facing the ground away from the initiator of the robbery. I had no involvement in the gang feud that occurred in Kabanino (someone called a member if the clown gang a retard or something). All I was doing in Kabanino was trying to sell my meat (I am a meat seller). As you can see in the video I was given not enough time to follow their instructions.
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): N/A Why the verdict is not fair: I was given no warning before my permanent ban from the Teamspeak Server. I will admit I was being foolish and stupid, however when other players came in to "Newcomers" and asked us to stop moving people from different channels I immediately followed their request. I starting talking to the other players and started to fool around and be idiotic. Then the moderator came in and permanently banned me without warning. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: The DayZRP servers were down for 3 hours due to maintenance so I thought everyone was just relaxing in the TS server. I have been in this community for 2 years and have only had 1 other incident. The man that went to the admins came into the Newcomers channel under his own free will (We didnt move him) then went to the admins and reported us even though we proceeded to stop continuing our actions at this time. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: I don't think the actions I did deserve a permanent ban without warning as a consequence. What could you have done better?: Not to have moved people into the Newcomers channel and to have been more mature and respectful in the teamspeak of this community
  8. LOZA

    S3 Bad RP, possible combat logging.

    yeah hope you feel good, and i have learned from the mistakes in this robbery and will take the ban. I will improve my rp for the next robberies. I will take the ban for bad RP only, because we didn't combat log.
  9. LOZA

    S3 Bad RP, possible combat logging.

    Hi, I am James ford. I'm the friend of Nicholas Brown and was involved in this robbery. Let me start off by talking from the beginning. Me and My friend Nicholas Brown left Green Mountain with nothing in our backpacks and no food nor water, since we were previously robbed. I and my other friend, who was at Green Mountain, couldn't defend ourselfs and we were in dire need of protection. We couldn't take our friend to Vybor due to V3S only having 2 seats. Anyways, when we stumbled upon you we told you that we were just robbed and that we needed guns and ammo, then we asked for your revolver and if you had SKS ammo. You were only offering ammo for the revolver and the mosin, that was it. Your offers were not exceeding our needs at the time. So we initiated robbery for the sake of arming me and our friend at Green Mountain, since we were being hunted down, and for food since I had no food and my friend, Nick, had barley any. During the robbery we demanded that you give us your mosin and revolver and ammo, then we asked for you to drop your backpack. You kept on stalling us and saying stuff like "You don't have to rob me", "I have 357 ammo and mosin ammo". You stalling us, not cooperating and telling us that your friends were near made us even more cocerned and wanting to get out of there even faster. So we hand cuffed you and me and my friend were looking for ammo for the revolver and mosin and survial gear (Food, drinks, meds, and the can opener). I didn't see the books and bear at the time of the robbery and just took the backpack for ammo and survial gear. Since we only had the tuna and the water bottle and your food that was all we could spare. We left you 2 guns (with no ammo) and your firefighter axe for defense, unless you don't know how to hit zombies. "I don't care about the gear really, it wasn't entertaining in the least bit and it was basically a drop everything, 3 seconds or die" It didn't start out like that but you were stalling us and not following our commands. You caused this type of situation to happen. I'm sorry about not giving you enough time though, it should have been longer. "They might also have combat logged" We didnt lol "You two kept asking for more stuff until eventually you stripped everything from me including books I had, a bear, can opener and other things I use for survival to keep me alive." We wouldnt have had to do that if you just started to cooperate with us and followed our comands. Im sorry about taking your teddy bear and your books, I didnt know you had that on you at the time. "Then you two decided you wanted both of my weapons, not just one here but both that I use for defense and to survive myself. " We needed both your weapons, one for me and the other for our friend at green mountain. We left you the SKS, another weapon and the fire axe. Fire axe could defend you from zombies and you could find ammo for the guns or pretend you have ammo (like i did). "I'd like to remind you also of "Leave the victim(s) with a realistic chance of survival." with how you stripped me clean of pretty much everything and left me with a broken can of tuna that I happened to find nearby before running off in a blue v3s together." You had a fire axe, two guns (with no ammo) and the water bottle and can of tuna we left you. "I offered them anything they needed and they said they needed my weapons for some reason even though they were carrying around automatics and looked more geared then me." Nick had a 30 round mag and I had no ammo at all. You were only offering ammo, nothing else. Only Nick had an auto and I had a carbine (no ammo). We weren't anywhere near as geared as you were, just like you said "you can't tell how energized a person is just from looking at them" this can be used as how geared someone is. I had nothing in my backpack, and my friend only had the can of tuna which HE dropped for you and we gave you the WATER BOTTLE.
  10. LOZA

    The Last Cause

    Oh my god, this is a great story. I love it