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  1. I just want what ever gives ME FOOD I HAVE DIED 4 TIMES OF STARVATION 4 HRS OF SERCHING FOR FOOD OR ANYTHING. apples are the onlything i have found and they dont do much so i just want whatever that gives us food and loot cuz theres nothing right now.
  2. i didnt admit to everything all i said is yea i know it was like around 3 seconds of him because he was sprinting at me i never admitted what you guys said..... if he stoped then when i said it he could of had like 10 seconds or something but he contiued to charge me. yes i admit that i gave the guy that was sprinting at me with a gun around 3 secs to stop if he stoped nothing would of happend but he contiued to run at me. i would stop if some one said that to me i wouldnt hasitate not even a second. That is an initiation, if he still ran at you he didn't comply which grands you KOS. Speak to Josh. This guy didn't even try saying hello, let alone "come any closer and you're going to die." He didn't say a word. He is conveniently the only one that heard it (in his head I presume). Completely avoided RP and KOS'd 3 people. Because he avoided RP it is an invalid initiation. Absolutely no RP or form of communication. He also admitted to giving me no more than 3 seconds to comply with his imaginary demands. It has been recorded by either Josh or Masulii. one thing is why would i say hello i was trying to hide but you guys knew where i was so when you were comming around the corner i warned dont come over here. idk why i would say hello if i was trying to hide
  3. i wasnt lieing i know for sure one reason i know for sure i said what i said is that and and as what one of your temmates said on TS last night that there are no zombies on the island but you guys kept your guns out so yea we think your going to rob us. when around 4 dudes with guns out chase 2 dudes with no guns out running away why are you guys so interested why you look for them so badly i dont understand. also why would i just kill you guys randomly i dont understand i have read all the rules to get the secret code to play this server i type out like a story for my RP why would i just waste my time like that and just get banned i dont know anyone who would do that. i know i said it but also why cant 1 of 6 of you guys record thats something els i dont understand.
  4. Give me a second, will be on shortly, whats your ts name? colby im in archeage
  5. I've never read so much shit in my life, you never warned us, and I thought there may have been something wrong before like maybe your mic was muted or something, but after reading everything you just said I think your just lying through your teeth, you never warned us, we never had intent on robbing you, we were friendly to your "friend" who seemed pretty scared so we told him to leave when he asked to leave because he was scared, you made no attempt to rp with us, you ran behind the wall and Ricky said to you that he could see your feet below the walls gap, and said "I'm Not stupid" he walked round the wall we heard shots and asked what the hell happened, we walked round to investigate and you sprayed another 2 of us down without warning, I would like to talk to you on team speak as soon as possible just to see what your story is here, and with an admin with us too, just to get a judgement involved, there is no way in hell your getting away with this. One thing I can't tolerate is liars. you didnt go to ivestigate i herd you talk to you teamate through your headset say that i killed him and you told your friend next to you and who ever came out of the gate first said lets get this guy and charged me so i shot you too.
  6. no i didnt sir idk why your flipping out i died too idk why your so mad but no im not lying if you have proof i would love to see it. and yes i gave you time i said it before who ever came around that corner and charged me at the but there was 4 of you guys with guns and i didnt want to get robbed and i new you were gonig to rob me or you wouldnt be aggresive to find the dude that was trying to get away and btw that one guy that you guys where talking to was my fried so we had an advantage but he didnt help me for somereason he lied so that he wouldnt get killed if he said that he was my friend. i gave my side and ill let the admins see what they think i dont want to argue with you btw if you guys need me on TS i can join and explain it better.
  7. ok so this is my side i loged in i was 2 people walk past me i was trying to get off the island because i saw that there was like 6 people or something they all run up to me and this one dude i was trying to get out they all had guns out and there was a squad of like 6. one of them said that "i saw you retarted behind the wall were not stupid" and 1 of them was running towrds me and what i said is " if you get and closer your going to die" but one of them contunue to run at me so i shot him and yes they all had guns out and they were surronding me so i warned them then after i killed the first guy the other guy said "wtf lets get this motherfucker" and they charge me so i shoot them too and i guess the lagg got both of us or something. and i would love to see if they have proof bcause i warned them and that there was like 6 of them with guns out running up to me and i didnt want to get robbed sence i just logged in. with my freind. so i warned them and everything and they still charged me. and they knew where i was sence they said "i know your behinid that wall" o yea btw just wandering why do i get banned if they havent put evedence or anything I believe wolfie was recording but that may have just been the aftermath, this guy has done stuff like this before, I looked up his name and he was affiliated with some guy in another report where they said stuff like "i just want to rpppppw" and "suck me cook" hey onething that was just me and my friend out in a field he had to mute his mic and he was typing to me and that has nothing to do with this the admin's have already solved that and everything that was months ago. took punishment and our ban and it was resolved with the admins idk why you bring that up