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  1. Traveling the world, Royce has lived a survivor's life for as long as he can remember. The man was born in the marshlands of the former United States to a small farming and fishing community. His small group of people used the waterways to avoid the infected and other survivors. Royce learned from his siblings and community at an early age how to move without detection in a world devoid of kindness or peace. He was taught to fight honorably as much as possible and strive to live without fear of death. He prefers to live a quiet life, and he builds trust slowly, having spent years on end at a time away from large groups of people. To that end, Royce has preferred to keep away from war-torn population centers, visiting them only long enough to trade and learn of new innovations and news before moving on down the vagabond's path, in search of a peace he has yet to discover. Most recently, he has traveled long and hard from the other side of the world, through desert and waste, after hearing consistent myths of a frozen utopia in the north of Europe.
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