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  1. I checked and my GUID was the same for both the whitelist and my game. the remote glitch is still happening though where its lot letting me connect via that. the exact text i get when i enter the password is "connecting failed." but my brother is on as i type so i dont think its the connection
  2. Hello, me and my brother recently got whitelisted onto the server and everything was peachy with his game and hes playing it as im typing this, but my dayz wont allow me to connect to the server via "Remote" in server browser so i had to go on friends list and join off my brother and then after i typed the password for the server it said "connection problem" or around those lines. i made sure it was my steam ID for white listing and i auto generated my GUID so i dont know if i made a mistake somehow or what, is there any way to check if my guid is correct?. any help would be greatly appreciated.