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  1. Marian grew up on a quaint farm with his father Augustin on the outskirts of the settlement of Castelnou. In his childhood Augustin taught Marian how to till the land and take care of the livestock. When Marian turned 10 his father took him on his first hunting trip to teach him how to use a rifle. During the walk into the forest Marian spotted a deer, but before he can shoot it his dad yelled to watch out. Marian swung around and saw his father running towards him. Augustin quickly swept him up before being tackled by an infected. Marian quicky leveled his rifle and fired a shot that ripped through both the infected and another hunter coming to help. Marian was shook to the core after realizing what he had done. Not knowing what to do next and his settlement growing suspicious, Marian's father took him to find his Uncle Hans in Northern Germany. After finding his Uncle in a small fishing settlement, Marian lived with him for his teen years. Even though his Uncle Hans was very sympathetic in regards to the situation of his previous settlement, Marian still blamed himself for that mans death. Not long after Marian turned 20 his settlement was overrun, Marian and his Uncle Hans escaped and had nothing left. Uncle Hans led them farther north surviving off the land and stealing from others to survive. After a couple years of roaming they eventually made it to Nyheim. While hunting in the forest they were met by a group of bandits while skinning a wolf. Uncle Hans rose and tried talking him and Marian out of the situation. When it became prevalent that talking wasn't going to save them Hans drew his weapon and pushed Marian behind a tree. Marian peeked around the tree and saw his Uncle lying face down in the snow. In fit of rage Marian fired around the tree killing both. He walked over to Han's corpse and said his goodbyes before taking his supplies. Marian now roams Nyheim alone.
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