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  1. Many people i know where a mask because they have scars on there face, Or bad injury's that they don't want people to see.
  2. Mark Ellwood

    Favorite weapon?

    I have to say mine is a black mosin with long range. And a mp5-k as a secondary.
  3. I often go to green mountain with my group to trade. And some times its all good but most of the time when we are headed up to the mountain we hear gunshots and people screaming at each other. The last time i went up to green mountain my group got blown up by a random grenade (KoS) when we were sitting around a camp fire. It killed around 12+ people. Some people just dont care anymore, Its upsetting
  4. I found a Hoe and some seeds wrapped up in a teddy bear! Wont be starving today boys.