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  1. Jack was born in Leiden, The netherlands. his mom and dad were part of a travelling group of survivors consisting of merchants, hunters and some guards. Jacks early life was filled with travel all over Europe. they were never in the same place for a long time. this led to him feeling like he never really had a home, he longed for a place to stay, but anytime the group had settled in a new place there were some problems leading to them moving camp again. when Jack was in his teenage years he had to start helping out around the camp. he usually went and helped the guards and kept lookout over the campsite or protected the group while they were travelling. As jack grew older, he started to feel seperated from the group. he felt trapped and wanted to go out and find his own way in this world. so when nobody was looking, he grabbed a knife and some supplies from the camp and left. Jack headed to a nearby town and decided to camp inside an abandoned building for a while. after a couple of days a trader passed through and asked if jack was interested in buying anything. he shook his head no and refused, instead asking the trader to take him along as a guard. Jack always had a talent for charming and convicing people and he used it to his advantage any chance he got. the trader reluctantly agreed. the roads where safer together he figured. one day while traveling, Jack and the trader where attacked by bandits, they fought back desperately but they were outnumbered. The trader got shot in the neck and jack decided to run for his life as he looked back he saw one of the bandits he fought bleeding out, jack felt immense guilt and sadness at the thought of him killing a man but he had to keep going. He narrowly escaped with his life and he decided to keep walking to the nearest city. as the bandits might try and follow him. This led him to a place called Nyheim. after wandering around for a bit. he decides to try and camp there for a while.
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