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  1. hey everyone, i am excited to meet everyone and have a great time and meet some new friends. before dayz i played rust role play servers but it started to bore me after 7 years. i saw some yt vids about dayz and i it looked awesome.so i still need learn a thing or two about dayz but i am motivated so i think everything gonna be alright. i am also a little shy in the beginning but if i found a place or group that i am comfortable with that goes away, but it can take a couple of days/weeks. thanks for understanding and see u all on the server.
  2. tom is born and raised up in goes, the netherland. he never knew his parents because they died when tom was 2 years old. his foster parents told him that they died in a car crash but tom never beliefd that, from a young age tom wanted to know what realy happened to his parent. tom was a nice boy, or atleast that what his foster parents believed. he was a good student and was a great hunter. but broke in in the libary and police station to search after files to know what happened to his parents. he loved to hunt because it have him a moment of peace. and some time to think what to do next to figure out what really happened to his parents. after school tom decided to go to the military. he was one of the best in class a master in surviveling and sniping. but he became friends with the wrong people. and when his training was done tom became a hitman. many years past by. one day a new client contacted tom. the client told him what he wanted but he had something better than money, he knew something about the dead of the parents. tom did the job and the client told what he knew. tom didnt know what to do with the information and tried to figure it out. in the meantime he did more jobs. after a few more years tom became more and more comfortable and started to make little mistakes. and when someone was in front of his door with a gun tom knew it. this has to change and packed his survival gear and searched for the papers with the info about his parents. he still didnt know what to do with it but he knew nyheim was his startpoint to get to know what really happened to his parents. While he travelled tom started to think, of the information he was given was it the true. Or was it a setup to get a job done without paying for it. And than tom remembered something, there where 2 man he became friends with in the army that has simular stories about their parents. So they met and talked about the new info, one of the mans also heard something about nyheim. Tom asked if they wanna join the journey. In the beginning they didnt want to join, but after more talking they all decided to go, on their way they get ambused. And the 2 man died. Tom escaped and arived alone in nyheim. He try to start a normal life.. tom was friendly and helped the community. tom loved his new life. far away from the netherland, but he never forget why he moved to nyheim. to really know what happens to his parrents. and he did everything he can to know what really happend. For him but also for his fallen friends. He was more detiremend that ever to get to know what really happens,even if this was the last thing he does. Because everyone deserve justice. And all this when still trying to live a normal live
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