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  1. A guy logged out when I spoke to him. First interaction so far, 10/10 would RP with him again.
  2. So I've officially been removed (ban) from that sunken ship for something I didn't do. Looks like their crew (staff) can't handle themselves. I'm going to be here to stay.
  3. To be fair, that's partially true, but only because I've heard bad opinions about this community. However, I can't help but feel that these opinions are partially biased.
  4. I hear something I don't understand and it makes me scared...
  5. I hardly doubt anyone here knows or recognizes me, unless they came over as well when a certain ship sunk. I was whitelisted on here before, about a month ago, but my account was apparently deleted for inactivity. So yeah, just want to say hi, see if I know any familiar faces, and meet new people. Hopefully I can white-list again and play when I'm not so busy with WoW and something else I have hopes for.