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  1. Dean grew up in nyc his family was from the homeland of Italy came over to Italy on a boat he was forced to work from a young age and never got anything for free always working towards something so never had a proper education he was street smart raised from the hard streets of ny in his teens he and a couple of his buddies took a spur of the moment trip to Russia for a business idea proposal from his best friend that went very south. Very fast he was involved in a robbery that led to the death of the clerk and he was at fault his reason behind it were to help his mother with her polio treatment that took millions to the grave so he was sentenced to 15 years in a Russian prison where he really learned who he was as a person growing into a man reborn by the Russian prison gang he was linked in with so he’s 24 now been rotting away in prison for years he overhears on the guards radio something is happening on the outside that’s catastrophic and the end is nigh after hearing the news a riot breaks out in the prison and many have escaped and many have been killed in the process one of them is Dean to escape out in the worlds remains of apocalyptic Russia
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