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  1. Born to a dockworker family who had always been dockworkers. Since the first days of the founding of the High Port the Caligoris had lived and worked the docks. His father often told him of the stories of before the ruin when even then his family had worked the docks of a place whos name is a fading memory of a better time. Viktor grew up on those docks along with his siblings, cousins and the whole extended family. Like his father and mother before him he learned every path around and through and knew the docks and surrounding areas better than even the ones who built it. It was only misfortune that took him from his home, Kidnappers snatching up lost folks and the downtrodden to be sold in markets in unsavory parts of the world. It was fortune that gave him his freedom again when the ship he was on was struck by a massive storm and torn apart under pounding waves. He floated to shore on bits of debris and found himself in a world that was as alien as arriving on another planet entirely. Thankfully he was a hard worker and knew enough about enough languages to find work as a laborer or guard. This is his life now, far from the docks of his homeland and the comfort of family but curious enough to enjoy the experience.
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