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  1. Brian travelled around for years in search of his brother Chris. A tip indicating his brother’s whereabouts lead him to Namalsk, landing there on a salvaged pontoon boat he scrapped together from wreckages off the coast. The brutal cold turned out to be a bit much for his slight frame, and he spent many months trying desperately to survive the harsh nights. A young couple found him camping near a pond outside the limits of Jalovisko and offered to help him get on his feet. After initial reluctance, Brian joined the couple, in turn providing them strength and scavenging wit. Together they built a small community called the Hilltop. The Hilltop survivors played a vital role in welcoming newly landed folks to the island, providing them with a warm fire, supplies for their travels, even weapons when they had an abundance. Brian lost himself in the work, losing sight of his goal, but finding happiness in his usefulness to the group. Not all stories have a happy ending, and the Hilltop was not meant for permanence. One night, as if summoned by the gods of entropy, a blizzard ripped through the island. The roaming hoards coalesced on Jalovisko, and a large settlement allied with the Hilltop called on aide. Hilltop suffered many casualties, including the founding couple that took Brian in. He was devastated, and once again found himself alone. Many that saw him after the event took note of his quiet demeanor, and he earned the alias “Quiet.” Brian left the Hilltop settlement in the hands of younger survivors. After learning that his brother never landed in Namalsk, he set out on his travels again. He has landed in Nyheim after traveling through the remnants of Russia. He has nearly lost hope of finding his brother Chris, but his old bones need a place to settle and call home.
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