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  1. Born in 2046, Michael was raised by his Mother and Father in a community on the east coast of the US. He grew fond of technology, Playing around with tools from the old world like rc cars, train tracks and walking robots. At his young age he continues to tinker and play with electronics, Growing to understand how to run power and engines. His parents however weren't so happy with him wasting time and not hunting or scavenging for food but Michael later grew to find use of his skills with technology and electricity by fixing equipments as important as a radio which helped the community find another tribe and communities nearby looking for allies. At his age of 18 he started to grow bored of living in a community behind walls like a trapped mouse and wanted to explore the world and all it's dangerous adventures. His goal were to help other communities that need help with their electrical equipment and discover new toys to play with. He travelled through the East coast learning skills that would help him in the future. He went on to age 25 where he landed in new york where someone told him about a place that is seen as a safe haven. He grew intrigued of the idea of going to another country and seeing for his own eyes how the other side of the world is doing. So he joined a group heading to Nyheim by boat and began his new adventure only bringing his cloth and his trusty backpack of tools.
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