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  1. Hal, has been on and off ships since he was 17. First learning to fish in the smaller settlements north of Monterey, CA, Hal quickly began tailoring his skills as a ferryman and smuggler. He keeps to himself mostly. His closest colleagues aren’t too certain of his origin story. They know his parents are deceased but have never caught wind of if Hal had a family. He’s always set at the task at hand. Trying to stay alive and keep his crewmates topside. Hal often recounts the western war fought between settlements in the California/Oregon territories. He first began smuggling weapons up to Oregon to aid the frontline. It was there he met his friend Flint Irons. He worked with Irons making sure the troops were able to hold off the Militia coming from the North. In the last days of that decade long war, Hal began ferrying the last civilians to the safe haven in Monterey. He made sure that his friend Flint was on that last boat out. The next few years, Hal and Flint worked in all manner of jobs aboard the cargo ship, the ARCATA. Their mission was to get people and supplies to as many colonies from the West Coast to the East Coast, where more settlements were to be found near the Atlantic. They’ve adventured through hurricanes, attacks from bandits, and wrestled with a small coalition of pirates based out of what was once known as Florida. But the one thing he knew they could count on was the safety at sea from the reanimated dead. Nothing bothered Hal more. After 60 years of living through war, famine, and death; he never quite got used to seeing the dead come alive. Setting off from High Port, New York to arrive in Nyheim, Norway; Hal’s worst fear came aboard. Little did he know that in New York one of their fresh deckhands was smuggling his recently departed daughter who tragically fell ill to the frenzied flu. One by one, the crew became infected. Before any rational decision could be made, a member of the crew, in a moment of panic, fired his side arm in the engine room sparking an explosion that cracked the hull of the ship. Hal, and what remained of the crew, were thrown overboard. Pulling himself to the surface, Hal clung to nearby debris to stay afloat. Saving what little energy he had, Hal rolled with the current only to find himself washed ashore in a strange new world...
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