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  1. An outdoorsman by trade i was trained at a young age by my father to survive off the land living in the mountains nestled on the outskirts of town. I had a decent life growing up until the outbreak happened the scourge killed my mother leaving my father and I to venture to Nyheim alone. Finding food isnt as easy as it used to be with the scourge pushing all the animals out. Medicine is running low and fathers illness is acting up again...Its been about 300 days since the outbreak. We have a small hunting cabin down in Stroytel its got a nice well and medic center that sometimes we trade with others at. The area has potential to hold more with fresh water in the well and fishing nearby things are looking up. Im not sure how much longer dad will keep going... it hasnt been easy on him since we lost mom but i know hes not the type to give up.
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