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  1. No Kyle please don't leave! I will miss you comrade Dima Polinski.
  2. I think I found my new character's back story. 24/24
  3. Charleymac

    Who is your favorite anime character? Share here!

    The one and only bro.
  4. Charleymac

    What gear do you currently have? [SA Edition]

    Doesn't matter, if anything I would keep to trade, or for someone to possible teach me. On top of that, its honestly not that hard to properly use an AK... hell its probably easier to use then a hunting rifle. Yeah, no. I will leave it there. Did you take JROTC seriously?
  5. [video=youtube] Today is a good day.
  6. I love that Santa hat with the bell 10/12 Get it cause he is 12
  7. Charleymac


    Nah man Fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood is the best. Death note felt a bit rushed to me at the end.
  8. Seen a lot on the forms but have no met in game 13/14
  9. Charleymac

    [GAME] Ban the person above you!

    Banned for being a doctor and a Colonel at the same time.