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  1. I understand I used ooc chat a lot during the interaction, but as I said before I felt powergamed by most of it, they can shoot me if they don't agree with how I act, so I used the only thing I had to help make the experience better for myself, I'm happy to get robbed/taken hostage but I still don't want other players dictating the way I have too play, the intention wasn't too effect anyones experience, infact it was the opposite, the idea was set the line so we can all get immersed in the rp, you knew I had no friends on route, you knew I wasn't happy with perma damage but things carried on to escalate and didn't want to just die just for someone else forcing there ideal dayz experience on me, my rp wasn't great at the point of my death il admit, I felt everything before was good. On the bad rp, fair enough I should have made noise on the second baseball bat hit, but then you are asking me to walk around with blood going everywhere, which would ruin rp for me, so I was stuck between a rock and a hard place, which is why i wanted to talk to you guys after instead of reporting. I still feel getting shot was a very quick decision, i had one guy saying hes healing me, another saying come here, and then i get shot after 3 secs, despite clear compliance though out. Just feels i was shot more for the reason they weren't happy with the whole ruining rp with the ooc, but yet a lot of my ooc chat was only because my rp was being ruined, we all think eachother is a fault for some reason or another so I'm happy to get a verdict on all of our indiscretions.
  2. I never once mentioned coming back with my friends, as for the rules breaking, there is nothing that states the amount of ooc chat, which wouldnt have been necessary if you had responsed once.... all you had to say is no perma damage/execution then there would be no problem, instead you ignor me and carry on forcing damage to my character, being courteous thats for everyones experience, thats how I play, as you said you dont, as for you guys not knowing why you are being reported then you should have spoke in ts, instead you pretty much said unlucky, which lead to this point, you said yesterday in ts you had full video, so upload it and let admin decide as alot of what is said is not accurate at all.
  3. Server and location: S1, Castle by Vyshnoye Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 05-03-2016, 11.20pm Your in game name: Lance Phillips Names of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect/s: Pepe Jones/Dr Krupt and other Friends Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Screen shots of OOC request Detailed description of events: I was travelling through Vyshnoye when I came across another man, we began to rp and after around 10-15mins we began to farm, shortly after his friends arrived, weapons were raised and I was taken hostage, my radio was took but I told them I had friends and had previously said where I was, after a few minutes he asked to speak to my friends over the radio, i said ingame they are unreachable at the moment, and typed ooc they are offline now so i wasn't mistaken for being un compliant, we began moving towards the castle at a slow rate as my hands were tied, i let them know ooc that i would just follow if they wanted to untie me to get there faster, we got to the castle and they began to explain why they took me, they wanted to operate and take my tail bone, i came up with ingame excuses to why they shouldn't, but wrote ooc torture is ok but no body removal, things rp'ed well and carried on to do so, i remained compliant through the experience, things were coming to an end and they were deciding what to do, Pepe Jones wanted to shoot me because he was insulted by me, and didn't want word getting out, a fireline was being assembled, i told them ooc no reason to kill me, iv complied, things carried on, and they decided to break my legs and leave me at the top of the castle while they run off, i thought at this point we was all gonna rp it, but things didnt look that why so i said ooc i will rp it but dont do it, then they hit me with a nailed bat in the legs twice, i still tried to rp though i wasn't happy with it, then whilst stood in the centre of them all, Pepe jones told me come to him, after about what seemed like 15secs he shot me for not complying. Reporting the quick decision to shoot me, and felt a bit powergamed with the leg and tail bone situation
  4. we thought having asked the questions it was implied that we didn't intend perma damage, also leaving it to the victim to decide could result in reverse powergaming by mistake, ie having broken limbs when it wasn't intended, or not severe enough rp damage to get a point across. having not scarred him i do feel that the perma damage was entirely in his hands, having being treated, the broken bones could still give him pain in the future or not, depending how he wants to rp, considering there was no visible rp or life threatening actions made against him. as far as the situation being powergaming i think we could have made our actions more clear whilst torturing and stated that we didn't intend perma damage, and/or RP the medical care more to ensure no confusion about the well being of a character.
  5. MY POV BLAINE TRUELOVE i was in TS and present for most of the torture, in TS we were first told he had met with sonny mitchell and mentioned that he was meeting us in that area, i couldnt exactly hear whether he warned them or not as i was RP'ing with some other people, later however he claimed he had bumped into 3 guys and they were being aggressive and shortly after they initiated on him, one of our guys had ran past and seen him there with them and said it did look as if he was getting robbed, he decided however to carry on and leave it to us, KOS rights were spoke of, but cant remember by who, he then told us he was handcuffed by 3 cherno-russian guys all wearing tracksuits, we said we have to disregard that as he cant use comms whilst tied, but we were acting from our guys information on a dodgy situation he saw with someone we knew, we were moving in anticipating a hostage situation to which we find none, the man who said he had been confronted was walking free, and the supposed captures knew nothing of the sort, we were then told in TS they didnt handcuff him just walked around him in circles, he was kicked from TS at that point, shortly after shooting occurs and the same guy turns up, we decided to initiate on the grounds of tipping off sonny mitchell and feeding false intel, also a RP suspect of gunfire (found to be innocent shortly after). he complied with every demand we said, the RP was good on all parts i felt, we always made sure he was ok after damaging him, applied saline and i believe he was also fed before hand as well, we asked for execution rights ( to make IC example for giving bad intel which could kill people ) we were told no, so i decided to go for rough justice, all questions for perma damage/death was denied, before he RP'ed he broke his ribs, we also did it to his leg to which we gave him a morphine. having the questions ooc being answered before it was done, i feel is wasn't done in a permanent sense, also with the constant medical care and assurances about his safe release for complying i didn't feel perma damage was implied. sorry if you felt you were powergamed, i also RP'ed cutting you to remember what your done, but we didn't want to do anything without consent, things wrote were just in RP to carry on the torture, not to carry with you all the time, we arent RP'ing we made an example of anyone after the perma questions were denied, was all just for some good RP.
  6. Blaine

    Bad RP and NVFL

    My POV: I was at GM along waiting to meet up with the rest of group, whilst there i interacted with another guy ellis williams, shortly after he left and i stayed to wait for my group, whilst walking around the compound i saw someone that appeared to be walking towards the compound, i begin to make my way over to him when i realized he wasn't alone, he was telling his friend to be quiet and hide, i began to retreat where i contacted Eugene Clapton and Doyle Eon to tell them i think i'm about to hit a bit of trouble, after a short radio for help i climbed the tower for a better vantage point to see how many i was dealing with, at that point the first man i saw was stood at the gates of compound looking around. i decided to shout down to make my presence known, due to the distance i had trouble communicating so i told them i was going to climb down, after climbing down they seemed suspect but not threatening, i asked them a few questions about what they are doing hiding and spying, to which they said they are looking for reapers, or have spotted a reaper, i told them that there wasn't any here and that its odd to spy on people, around this point my back up arrived, Doyle Eon identified him as a man who he seen spying on him earlier, the man agreed it was him, but again he said he was looking for reapers, after a few minutes i asked if they were hunting the reapers, one said they werent looking for reapers at all, whilst the other said they weren't hunting just looking, there stories were very different about there intentions, when we began to question them about there suspicious actions towards me, they began to say they were having fun in the bush ( insinuating they were having sex or fooling around ) again we asked them and said they couldn't have been, to which i was offered to join them if i liked, they then lent into each other and kissed ( or pretended to, they were also RP'ing brothers ) after telling them no, one of them decided to remove his trousers, to which we almost had to threaten to make him get dressed. we decided to initiate on the grounds they couldn't provide a good reason for being in the bush, and with being spotted ealier we wanted more info. we raised weapons and told them to move slowly to the prison building, they were complying at first and it was going well, just before one stepped into the door he began to rant, telling his friend not to listen, and that we are cowards, he was told to be quiest numerous times, also threatened with death, which didn't work either. due to the none compliance of the first man he was shot, i then began to carry out first aid, the second guy RP'ed he was upset, we gave him at least 10secs before ordering him aside, to which he did not comply and began to get in our face, he was killed after numerous chances. his brother then woke, and instantly began to hurl abuse, sounding fine as well after a gut shot from an ak, he was beaten unconscious for once again not complying, i also shot him in the knee for refusal to kneel and be quiet, 3 or 4 times we brought him back, telling him each time all he had to do to secure his freedom is comply, which he did not. it is regrettable they both didn't comply, would have been some good rp if they had played along, they also claimed to have a video of the whole interaction, would be nice to see that, from when they were in the bush till there deaths
  7. apart from 20 secs prior to them holding me up, we had a interaction, in which i asked them in there were any spary paint so i could paint my helmet, i also told them i was not part of the un nor was i claiming to anyone else that i was, i didnt have an arm band on, i also offered them supplies before to which they said they didnt need anything, i was in the prison surrounded by 3 people, an ideal situation to stop someone, instead they play friendly, let me believe im not a threat then i go about my business, then i got someone saying dont turn around, so im think whats going on over there, not ohh shit hes talking to me, thats the whole purpose of making you intentions clear, if they thought i was impersonating the UN why not confront me when they first saw me, but they didnt, they asked if i was part of the UN as i said before, to which i said no, they even knew i wanted to change the colour of the helmet, infact the guy that shot me told me there was some in a backpack on the floor at the top of the stairs, but then he said sorry i was mistaken, so i went to look outside, so i really dont know why i got shot, from them saying they werent robbing me, and them with the prior knowledge that i wasnt impersonating anyone and that i intended on changing the colour asap. even with him saying not to turn around, why would i have any reason to suspect i would be in harm after a good conversation and discussion of what i was doing...
  8. not once did he say he will shoot if i turned around, nor did he say why he was stopping me, and as i said before we had a friendly interaction 20 secs prior to that video, there were many people running around, i turned to see what was going on and then i get shot...
  9. i cant wait to see the proof of a guy in full gorka, with a plate carrier spons backpack and an arm band of any kind, with a shotgun, and if im dead in this evidence then its a sham, utter bs ps off out for a couple hours, post again soon AND YOU ALL KNEW I WASNT IN A GROUP, I TOLD YOU THAT WHEN YOU ASKED IN THE JAIL HOUSE caps so you can see it...... again
  10. and on the ps note, there was no talk of affiliations with groups, and you didnt even mention about any other un groups other than asking if i was with the un, to which i said no, not once was i asked to remove it, you also knew that i was about to spray it another colour. and i assumed it was a robbery as i you took my gear once i was dead, and didnt say anything other than ''dont turn around'' which is still a feeble excuse for killing me, i wasnt given any chance to comply anyway.... and i didnt have a blue arm band, just the helmet, and i told you i wasnt a part of the group or any group, so where all this ''we wanted to see why you were impersonating the UN'' came from i have no idea, and you knew before you decided to set upon me.
  11. fair enough on rp thing, and yeh i just seen the bold on the page ( im bad for scimming ) but still, this all happened in 3 seconds, from the time he shouted orders at me to the time i got shot, being outnumbered before you had the perfect chance to rob me before, instead one guy goes rogue and tries to half ass rob someone and just shoots him before he speaks, it was obvious i would have gave you guys my stuff as i offered it before, and having offered it there wasnt any need to rob me in the first place, didnt even offer any rp in the situation, no story of what they need, why they were doing it, all i got is a chinese guy trying to deliver rice at a military compound in the middle of an apocalypse, which isnt all that great as it sounds believe it or not.
  12. PVE SERVER : S2 US VYBOR MILITARY BASE 16:31 10/05/2015 DAYTIME BLAINE TRUELOVE NO ALLIES INVOLVED KENWAY LEE ( SAYING HIS NAME IS SOMETHING CHOW IN GAME) KILLED BY AKM THEY HAD A VEHICLE DIDNT BELIEVE MYSELF TO BE IN DANGER SO DIDNT FEEL THE NEED I was looting the jail house when i realised someone was upstairs, i made my way to the top of stairs and met a guy. we spoke for a while, he asked me if i was with the UN as i had the blue helmet, i told his i just found and wanted protection so i took it, i asked his if there was any spray paint too change the colour he said he hadnt seen any. i didnt get his name another man entered the prison putting on a bad chinese accent he said his name was something chow, but his real name was kenway lee, he was shouting about fried rice, i asked them if they need anything, they told me they were all good, so i had no reason think they had ill intentions, as im in a small space outnumbered already, they seem ok, so i tell them im moving outside to try and find some paint, the first man i spoke to whos name i didnt get must have followed, because as i was looking at the floor i heard someone say ''dont you turn around'' already offering them items and speaking for a while i thought it couldnt be me, i already had my gun out and i turned around and before i could say anything, or even have any good rp as his friend was just taking all as a joke he shot me, then they all began looting me, there were 3 guys at the base at the time what i know of, maybe four as i heard another gun shot prior to being shot myself, but i think only 2 began looting me, kenway lee and the man who shot me
  13. Their will always be people who don't fully commit to RP, which makes playing with them as if your both playing different games, some people just don't see how much better the game you don't treat it like call of duty! I've not yet played RP on this community, so i have yet to experience it, hopefully i will not though.
  14. cant wait to get stuck in, played over 300 hours of dayz and sick of all the KOS, i wanna play with people who's got some substance to their game play thanks for the welcome all always good to see active forums!
  15. Hello everyone, my name is Blaine, i'm 21 and from England, hopefully my application will be approved and make some friends and join you all in some RP Merry christmas all!!!