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King of the Castle - Lopatino (Melee only - OOC Event)
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  1. Josh Shorts

    Before Outbreak: Im a British Citizen who moved to chernarus to have a Peaceful life in the wood hunting an fending for myself, life back home wasn't working out so well....i broke countless laws and even killed people to protect the people i love and keep them safe but the only way to keep the truly save was to move out of there lives for good. Current Situation: So thats why im in chernarus, now my skills of breaking the law and protecting my self seems to come in handy as this place has gone good to bad. Everyone fending for themselves is what i sounds like from the woods ive keep myself secluded from the locals but now all i hear are gun shot and screaming, i see fires and what seems to be the local authority moving people out the city i feel my best bet and interests are to stay out of sight and just keep myself to myself but supplies are running low sooner or later im going to have to leave my camp.......
  2. Dead Server

    ive noticed even changing the map hasn't really done much i know this may be due to the bugs atm but do you think its time to try Namalsk?? i dont want to see this die i think it will bring a new life to dayzRP.
  3. Desolation Bugs

    My gear disappears every relog too
  4. Shall we change the map?

    Namalsk mission file is fixed and should work the option to change map is here https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By6Spv2BO36OR3FOUzVKS01fYTA i think everyone wants to know what map we are going to stay on so everyone can start and not worry if there time is going to be wasted
  5. Malden

    @Rolle I just thought we all needed to agree on a place to build or what is an acceptable distance from a high populated area , also I haven't seen any zombie spawns at the airfield just to let you know
  6. Malden

    Ok so ive played for about 2 hours and ive found heli crashes (3 to be exact) , loot is good and zombie spawns could even be increased a bit but see how it goes. although i haven't found any cars trucks or quads may just be me i dunno, anyway first thoughts on this map is good i like it but i think we all need to agree on building bases and i think it cant be within 2 to 3 km of the air field because that place is extremely over powered with the amount of military and industrial buildings.
  7. Shall we change the map?

    it is possible as im sure you've read i did the option of both , i have the namalsk file ready and waiting but lets try malden
  8. Shall we change the map?

    Awesome let me know if you need any more help ill be more than happy to assist and get this server going !
  9. Shall we change the map?

    @Rolle did i help or did you you sort it yourself im just intrigued to know ?
  10. Shall we change the map?

    @Rolle Malden you welcome hope it works my name is in the code feel free to remove it can we play now please https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By6Spv2BO36OYTNiODBVZ2w4UVE it is malden 2035 sorry for the confusion i just reread what i wrote
  11. Shall we change the map?

    https://drive.google.com/open?id=0By6Spv2BO36OaEhUdEp6N183ZVU Mission file for Namalsk should work i have tested it Currently broken can fix but i got Malden working so maybe we dont need this??
  12. Shall we change the map?

    I'll do one later and look into it
  13. Desolation Bugs

    Car and tents do stay , I played last night
  14. Shall we change the map?

    Ok if we chnage the map please can we do it by friday i know might be a push but that will be a good starting point for everyone