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  1. Vratislav Gang [WIP]

    Not awaiting approval, yet. I'm finishing up some writing for it. Writing as we write, as it were.
  2. Vratislav Gang [WIP]

    The Vratislav Gang are a group of organized criminals that operate along the eastern side of Chernarus. The Vratislav's are usually involved in bribery, protection rackets and theft, but the group has begun expanding their activities to include hold-ups, kidnapping and smuggling. The infection offered an opportunity for a determined group of delinquents to make something of themselves, and under the leadership of Vratislav Bykov, they aim to do just that. With suspected ties to the Russian Mafia, at least indirectly, the Vratislav Gang are not as big a threat as a criminal empire, but are clearly capable enough to be concerned with - for now. Despite Chernogorsk being their main town of operation, the lack of supplies and the dwindling numbers of uninfected, have forced the Gang to expand their area of influence. As such, they seek to impose themselves more on the remaining population, and to put themselves into a position of power when things begin realigning in Chernarus - after all, every criminal empire had to begin somewhere... - THE EARLY DAYS - The Vratislav Gang were little more than small-time crooks, working mainly out of Chernogorsk before the infection. Mostly engaged in bribery, protection rackets and threats. Under the leadership of Vratislav Bykov, the gang had something of a begrudging reputation, where locals knew they weren't big enough to pose a threat to the entire town, but were still prominent enough for locals to know to keep their mouths shut and pay them. The aftermath of the civil war had allowed some opportunities for local criminals to take advantage of, as law enforcement was cowed by the more dominant military forces in the area. And because small-time crime wasn't worth the attention of the all-mighty military, the Police were easily paid off to look the other way. After all, paying a small amount was far better than having your car stolen and set ablaze in the woodlands nearby... So with the Gang operating within They enjoyed spoils from their criminal activities, and were poised to begin expanding when the infection hit. - ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END - When the first infected began spreading, the Vratislav Gang took a large hit to their numbers. Many of their members were either killed or became infected following the events of the western towns. Initially not much information was available, however after several days word began to reach Chernogorsk. Mention of roadblocks, Russian helicopters coming and going, mass evacuations of towns, and finally a Russian bombing attack. The nation was ignited, with large groups of protestors making themselves heard to local leaders. During this time, the Vratislav's took advantage of the civil disruption and began looting. Unfortunately, as soon as the Gang began, no sooner did the stories of infected and walking corpses begin from the north. Chaos hit like a wave, with many fleeing the danger and moving into surrounding towns and cities. On one hand, the Vratislav Gang found the increased military and law presences something of a hindrance, but on the other, there were many displaced individuals and families ripe for the picking. And while most of the region was focused on the north-west, the Vratislav Gang did very well amid their paid off Police and refugees. And for several days they walked through makeshift camp sites, ensuring the new arrivals knew who they were and what was expected of them. Things were going well, until UN began arriving, at which point criminal activity became considerably harder... - A DOOR CLOSES, YOU BASH IT IN - Within days, there were military ships and troops in Chernogorsk. This limited the Gang's operations even further. By this time, Vratislav was well aware of the outbreak that was threatening the area, and had ordered his Gang to begin making preparations. Supplies, weapons, vehicles that had been slowly appropriated were all moved to safe locations, and what could be stolen from beneath the US troops' noses was. Things were clearly dire, and the small things were being forgotten. When power was cut off, the focus changed from watching news reports or following twitter feeds, to basic human survival needs - food, water, supplies. It was chaos. And the Vratislav Gang loved it. As Chernogorsk began to experience more and more shortages, the Vratislav Gang had to expand beyond their usual hunting grounds for things they could take, or people they could intimidate. Still, the region was filled with all kinds of treasure, so long as you weren't expecting now defunct currencies or technology. The bare essentials were now the money of the land, and Vratislav promised that he would ensure his people had as much of it as they could. After all, when the land is thrown into the chaos and panic of an epidemic, people tended to forget about the big picture - and so, while simultaneously making sure to take what they needed, the Vratislav Gang began to work at becoming the new control in Chernogorsk...
  3. What is happening?

    Hm... interesting.
  4. [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    I remember when Terra joined... 3/10 (9.98/10)
  5. Black Fangs [Strict Recruitment]

    I like the name. Good luck with the group, survivors.
  6. Okay! Send Samaritan your info in a PM.
  7. Yup yup. Good to be back.
  8. COMPLIMENT the person above you

    Does good art!
  9. Metal baseball bat, more than likely. Durable, customization friendly. Don't fancy gun noise.
  10. The bad side of the community

    Something else to consider is that most of these tough acts don't realize how many laughs are happening at their expense on private channels. I've often laughed my ass off with my buddies, with my mic off, at piss-ants trying to be tough. Don't take it to heart. If you want to be around more positive RPing, join or seek out a hero clan.
  11. There were some berries, some apples, and a flock of seagulls... it was a good day.
  12. The new Zombie system

    I still believe there should be a 'sneak attack' against zombies. If you can catch them from behind, you can get an instant kill.
  13. New whitelist system coming Soon™

    Re-do the whitelist or don't, I couldn't care less. I've been here a while, I know the rules, I've never had points or rulebreaks. If I need to reapply whitelist, whatever, I will - it probably won't be immediately, but I'll get to it, I'm sure. Either way, I don't mind.
  14. Will do! Brody is a chatty sort, so no worries there. I'll keep an eye out.