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  1. Banned From DayZRP epoch

    Alright , I 100% Understand that , Is there anyway we can talk about this or is there no way if you were to let me play on the server actually do it without turning off the option . I mean im not mad and i can understand just getting on here to play with a buddy while we took a break from dayZRP SA
  2. Banned From DayZRP epoch

    Fixed Oh ok , but how am i able to play on the Official Epoch Mod's Servers? it just weird this is the only one it says it on
  3. Banned From DayZRP epoch

    Yes sorry just realized there was a template fixing it now
  4. Banned From DayZRP epoch

    Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=351063818 Why the verdict is not fair: No clue how i was banned Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Alright my friend asked me to come play Epoch , which i haven't played Arma 3 Epoch sense it was in Alpha . So i went and update my epoch mod, well i get on the game fine and i enter the server and when it starts loading the interface after the spot selection i get ( You were Kicked off the game : ( Battle eye admin ban ( Vacc Bann) So i was like what in the world is this i have never heard of Vac Bann from battle eye so i was like ok , so i went and joined a Official Epoch mod Server and was able to join in it and play. so i was like alright thats weird maybe it was a glitch so i tryed joining dayzrp epoch and got the same message . So i went into Team speak and asked someone to help and they did not know my self , they were saying i need to go talk to Value about it , and i was like Value Ant-Cheat , they do not have that in Arma 3 because Bohemia has there own Ant-cheat which is Battleye . Now they were well maybe there is a system that check's your profile for Vac Banns i was maybe but i never heard of a Arma 3 server having Value anti cheat . So my question how can i get this resolved ? If you wondering if i have cheated , I have never cheated on a Arma 3 Server they only time i have ever been banned and i have no clue why i was even banned from the game CS:GO which i am getting resolved from support and supposely quite a few people are getting banned from it for no apparent reason . Now if this is the judging factor of me playing on this server well i promise you i would never cheat in arma 3 , I have over 1,000+ hours on arma 3 playing various mods and i enjoy this game so much it would be stupid for me to get Battle eye banned permanently would basically been 1,000+ hours i wasted of my life . What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be Unbanned What could you have done better?: Honestly not sure Thanks Tyler Land
  5. More Servers?

    Well i can't wait for more servers US server Always Full