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  1. Alright , I 100% Understand that , Is there anyway we can talk about this or is there no way if you were to let me play on the server actually do it without turning off the option . I mean im not mad and i can understand just getting on here to play with a buddy while we took a break from dayZRP SA
  2. Fixed Oh ok , but how am i able to play on the Official Epoch Mod's Servers? it just weird this is the only one it says it on
  3. Yes sorry just realized there was a template fixing it now
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=351063818 Why the verdict is not fair: No clue how i was banned Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Alright my friend asked me to come play Epoch , which i haven't played Arma 3 Epoch sense it was in Alpha . So i went and update my epoch mod, well i get on the game fine and i enter the server and when it starts loading the interface after the spot selection i get ( You were Kicked off the game : ( Battle eye admin ban ( Vacc Bann) So i was like what in the world is this i have never heard of Vac Bann from battle eye so i was like ok , so i went and joined a Official Epoch mod Server and was able to join in it and play. so i was like alright thats weird maybe it was a glitch so i tryed joining dayzrp epoch and got the same message . So i went into Team speak and asked someone to help and they did not know my self , they were saying i need to go talk to Value about it , and i was like Value Ant-Cheat , they do not have that in Arma 3 because Bohemia has there own Ant-cheat which is Battleye . Now they were well maybe there is a system that check's your profile for Vac Banns i was maybe but i never heard of a Arma 3 server having Value anti cheat . So my question how can i get this resolved ? If you wondering if i have cheated , I have never cheated on a Arma 3 Server they only time i have ever been banned and i have no clue why i was even banned from the game CS:GO which i am getting resolved from support and supposely quite a few people are getting banned from it for no apparent reason . Now if this is the judging factor of me playing on this server well i promise you i would never cheat in arma 3 , I have over 1,000+ hours on arma 3 playing various mods and i enjoy this game so much it would be stupid for me to get Battle eye banned permanently would basically been 1,000+ hours i wasted of my life . What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be Unbanned What could you have done better?: Honestly not sure Thanks Tyler Land
  5. Well i can't wait for more servers US server Always Full