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  1. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Jäger tunes in again to confirm* Understood. i'll keep this channel open if you need anything else. Jäger, over and out. *static*
  2. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *Jäger signs into the frequency once more just to take away any doubt that he would have known and just didn't reply* Unfortunately i am not familiar with anyone going by that name. Should i radio if i do come in contact with someone who listens to this name? please confirm. Jäger out. *static*
  3. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *again the radio crackles to life although with a slight amount of static on the line as if it is being blocked by surrounding hills* To the person broadcasting: i hear you loud and clear. And i am indeed "out there". Jäger out. *static*
  4. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *the radio springs to life. the sea breeze and the creaking of metal under a powerful wind is heard* Test received for the person broadcasting...A neutral party offering help if needed? Jäger out. *static*
  5. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

  6. 108.7 MHz (Open Frequency)

    *with a small crackle the signal connects to this frequency* Hello? I was told to contact this frequency when arriving at a designated location. I think the person that got me the info for this frequency went by the name of John? Does anyone hear me? Jäger out. *static*
  7. Jäger reaching out (open frequency)

    *with a crackle the message begins, the voice doesn't seem exhausted. The sea breeze is heard but it is faint and distant* I'm enroute to designated location, please respond if we can meet. Jäger out. *there was a slight bit of excitement in the last bit of the message pointing to the severity of the isolation this person endured* *the message ends*
  8. Jäger reaching out (open frequency)

    *there is notably less static on the line this time* I couldn't help but notice the background noises when you first spoke and while i fully understand if you'd be weary of a voice without a face but i have to ask...is there any supplies i should look out for on my travels that could help? Jäger out *the message ends*
  9. Jäger reaching out (open frequency)

    *with a bit of frantic tinkering the old radio luckily pulls through and seems to work as intended but with static nonetheless* *the voice sounds like a private talking to a superior but still with plenty of confidence* With my earlier statement i meant; good intentions across the board. The ability to provide oneselves with the supplies without villainous acts and still have the proper stance to provide others with the same courtesy and grace of supplies. As for the question regarding my isolationism...this was a issue from the "before" times that carried through to the current day...you could say i'm the sort of person that doesn't speak often because they didn't have to before. Jäger out. *the following lack of static points to the end of the message*
  10. *an old nearly busted radio crackles to life, there is alot of static for anyone listening but the person speaking seems experienced enough to make himself clear regardless. A slight german accent speaks* I pondered and weighed the effectivity of this message for a long time but i'm done with my isolation...I'm reaching out to anyone with just intentions and who is looking for another pair of hands with steady aim. My motto: "the strongest among you may not wear a crown." Jäger out. *with a moment of silence the message comes to a end*
  11. *i push the transmit button while i sit down looking at the radio towers piercing into the sky* "This is "hunter" to Captain Dragomir, i have eyes on the radio towers and am ready to meet and offer my mind and body to the "new hope militia", sir" *releases the transmit button and waits*
  12. *i sit myself right outside the small wooden structure i found* "could be chicken coop for all i know" *i think.* *i start carefully tuning the radio i scavenged, i jumps to life with a crackle* "this is..."hunter". reaching out to the "new hope militia". I aquired the radio as asked and am asking for contact..." *after a while of silence* "...i'll be keep this channel open, i genuinenly hope someone hears my voice...*sigh*...i'm tired of the hopeless feeling in this world and i'd like to offer my services" *i go about my business and keep the radio within hearing distance*
  13. Whitelisting Rejected

    stating rules is to understand them, to apply rules is to respect them.