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  1. Yeah, was referring to Myshkino ^^ Too far to go back now. haha Guess I'll have to risk going into high traffic areas to trade for one. Hope I don't get mugged.
  2. Figures, that's the only one I didn't search on both servers. Mainly because on US it was completely barren other than a packed military tent, which wasn't worth dropping my backpack for.
  3. It would seem so. lol. Of the 5 people that were on (one being me), I ran into 3 of them. Traveled the to all the military bases with one, and the other 2 had olive vests. So either they did not spawn after the persistence reset, or the only other guy on the server has been collecting them. haha
  4. Just walked around the entire map (all military bases) on both servers AFTER Wednesday reset. Not a single black UK vest. lol Servers were pretty empty the entire time. (5 people max) Hard to believe not a single Black vest spawned on the entire mapx2.
  5. 2 guys came up to me the other day and asked me if they could have my face mask. They had their guns out, so I instinctively assumed they were not actually "asking." I responded as if I was happy to give it to them, but in truth, I really wanted to keep that mask. In reality, They were most likely just asking. They seemed nice, but I did not want to find out. Because of this, I probably ended up mugging myself. lol I find it hard to not value my life. Too much work put into my character to act reckless.
  6. For some reason I get less dsync on EU server (180 ping) than on the US server (20 ping). On US it takes me 4 or 5 key presses to take an out a hotkey item, or takes me a full 20 seconds after finishing eating to register that I ate something. On EU, everything happens pretty much instantly. Anyone else getting this or is something wrong with me? lol
  7. Okay, thanks. Follow up question though. What is the best way to re-initiate with them without losing your advantage?
  8. Okay, so lets say I get mugged by 3 or 4 armed men with AK's and shotguns, or any other short ranged weapons. They rough me up a little, take my food and water and take off. Now lets say I wonder into town and find a mosin, ammo, and long range scope. (very complex scenario, I apologize) So here is my question. Realistically, I would not run into a group of 4 armed men to seek revenge. However, if I had every advantage on my side, (range, element of surprise, ect.) would it be proper use of KOS rights to track them down within my 2 hour window and take my revenge upon them from 300-400 meters. This is under the assumption that I had no doubt it was them, making it very realistic. I understand that starting a firefight with 4 armed men is completely ridiculous, but I feel that under the circumstances, their weapons would be pretty useless against me, and I might even be able to take them all out before they have a chance to react. But, yeah. Just asking so I will know in the future if its correct use of KOS rights or not.
  9. harrada

    [IMPORTANT] Character Deleted after restart?

    Well, after an entire week of crafting my character exactly they way I wanted him, and just finding the backpack I needed, My character has been deleted. Waited 5 mins, but did not help. Didn't even get to use him yet.
  10. I didn't know if the command is a staff thing or what. I have seen other people type it as well so had to try.
  11. Damn, thats going to make me so sad. lol Thanks
  12. When the DayZ devs do character wipes, do our characters on this server get wiped as well or are they stored privately?
  13. Sounds like DayZ to me. Just run away from them. Its not worth taking a hit if you can just walk away. I usually train zombies in a straight line before turning on them, that way I can use their Dsync against them. If they are acting funny, I just move on.
  14. Here you go. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-psa-loot-respawn-and-persistence-in-dayz-standalone ** Edit ** My bad. Looks like someone else linked it already.