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  1. Cipher

    Cursed (Open IC Recruitment)

    Nice roster. Nice graphics. It’s a Phoenix group through and through. Can’t wait to see you guys IG!
  2. Cipher

    What do you listen to ?

  3. Cipher

    S1: GearRP in Kabanino – 16/12/2018 18:30

    Third person was @Shortround The people in the video were myself, @Shortround, @Zorull, and the OP. No one else from our side was involved in the robbery, as far as I can remember.
  4. Cipher

    Thank you for an amazing experience

    So you're the guy with the death wish... Good fun, good RP. I'm glad you enjoyed it as much as we did.
  5. Cipher

    Really cool game mechanic

    5 years in Development
  6. Cipher

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Stopping by to say that I've enjoyed all of my interactions with your group thus far, hopefully you can say the same for I. Apologies about yesterday's operation, the deal was just too good to pass up. Looking forward to seeing what comes next, both on my merc and on my Embassy character.
  7. Cipher

    Yesterday's Final Warning

    Alright, my question has been answered as best as possible from the forums and the TS, and I'm not trying to see any more [redacted]s die on these streets. You can close this now.
  8. Cipher

    The Embassy [SPG-24]

    First motherfuckers
  9. Cipher

    What IS power gaming exactly?

    I drown/waterboard people without their permission. They can decide if it leaves a permanent effect or not. I'll argue it in a report later, my biggest pet peeve is asking or getting asked //permission to do xyz or //permission to pk in the middle of RP, it is the most immersion breaking shit.
  10. Cipher

    Yesterday's Final Warning

    Yesterday, @DerrickStorm who has, up until this point, never had a single warning point in his time at DayZRP, was put on a final warning for some comments he made on a media thread. Some other members of the Liska have received banstrikes and even permanent bans for comments on the same thread, which is a can of worms I do not wish to be opened here. I'm just trying to understand what happened here. Now, I understand that flamebait and flaming is unacceptable on the forums, but where is the line between pointing someone, as is standard, and putting them on a final warning? I thought final warnings were for repeated offenders. I say again - @DerrickStorm, to my knowledge, has never ever been warned or pointed in this community. I'm just trying to understand, so I don't see friends of mine suffer the same fate. What third-party circumstances caused this man to get a final warning, instead of 3-5 points for Unnecessary Post or Flaming, when he has shown squeaky clean behavior? Surely it wasn't the post in itself, right?
  11. Cipher

    Dealing with sickness in 1.0

    @G19RP kept sneaking up on me and sneezing on me when I was tabbed out so now I am once again afflicted. I'll try this instead of F11ing myself this time. Thank you Ducky.
  12. Cipher

    So.. can we ice sick people now?

    Man, this one opens up a whole new line of possible baiting. What if someone sends a bioweapon into my camp and I am forced to initiate in order to get him out? What if some guy is following me around trying to talk to me while sick with his 10 friends in the woods behind me and I am put in a scenario where I either initiate and die or get his sickness?
  13. Cipher

    DayZRP Best of 2018

    Good to finally roleplay with the Brigade in my second life. @Blitz and @Sasha, day ones. I also met some cool new friends. Most of them have RP at the end of their names. A-team type shit. It's always a pleasure with the New Moon lads, especially that horse that they bring around with them... While the RP in-game isn't as fun for me as it was back when I was new, there have been some situations that have been absolutely spectacular. One in particular is definitely in my top 3. Thanks, bratrs. The game is in a better place than it was two years ago. I'm excited to see what modding will bring. Slava
  14. Cipher

    Make Offline Raiding not Allowed?

    You might, I don't. How do I know if someone's offline or not?
  15. Cipher

    Turn off Sickness until fixed

    I would be okay with removing sickness until it could get nerfed as in @Finn's thread, which is what I think you are suggesting as well. -1 to removing it permanently.