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  1. Cipher

    Love You All

    Yeah I miss blowing holes in camp.hope too me and my drillers would run up every day and ruin roleplay
  2. Cipher

    Love You All

    saucin pce b
  3. Cipher

    What We Can Do

    this dude just said a chicken nugget shaped somewhat like a dick is NSFW lol im done
  4. Cipher

    Ryan ... [Private Freq]

    He laughs and presses down the PTT again. "Damn, you've really been kept in the dark. Well, I won't spoil this one for ya Ryan, I'm sure you two have a lot to talk about. Don't fuck this up, I did this for you Ry-Guy!" He releases the PTT and picks up an old volleyball.
  5. Cipher

    Ryan ... [Private Freq]

    Mack James is sipping tea and reading a local firearm magazine, but he can't seem to make out the Chernarussian language it is written in. He gets angry and smacks his radio out of rage, and the knob tunes to a frequency. He hears the conversation between Ryan and his latest mistress and slams down the PTT button, enraged. "'If there's a time to be honest, it's now'..." He laughs. "Give me a fucking break. Sweetheart, you got bagged, but you sure ain't getting dragged. I'd be fucked if he gave a shit about your sorry ass. Do yourself a favor and get the fuck over it. Try not to hang yourself over the radio like his last one did." He releases the PTT, but quickly presses down again, pointing a message towards Ryan. "And Ryan, do me a solid and find someone you aren't gonna fuck over. Jesus Christ, you've had like five chances. Call me when you figure out why the fuck you can't keep one." He releases the PTT, muttering "fucking bimbo idiots" as he flips through his magazine and takes more sips of his tea.
  6. Cipher

    The Lore Wipe

    this the lore is the most important asset in any roleplay community. do it good
  7. Cipher

    Black Skull Media Thread

    12 rounds of roleplay expended
  8. Cipher

    Why so many groups with very similar or dull goals?

    even the second coming of the Kingdom was fucking brilliant. easily the best RP I've experienced in my (relatively short) time here. my character progressed more in the month of Kingdom days than any other point in my time playing here. bring that shit back honestly.
  9. Cipher

    Not Cool!

    hide ur shit better you don't need your SVD to roleplay, do ya chap?
  10. Cipher

    Why so many groups with very similar or dull goals?

    safe space you can safe space the forums, keep that shit clean. let the RP flow freely in game that's just me tho
  11. Cipher

    Most intimidating/interesting accent?

    @Cipher as Mack James is one of the most interesting hostage takers with the most deceiving "nice guy" voice you'll ever see. Just when you think he's going to let you off, he brings in the boys to chop your arm off. Ask @Jake, he knows.
  12. Cipher

    • Cipher
    • Raptor

    how was the navy

    1. Raptor


      Well, I'm in A-school rn learning cryptology for the Navy. But basic training sucked lol

  13. Cipher

    Character idea your comment and feedback?

    for surely in character brah xddddddd
  14. Cipher

    Character idea your comment and feedback?

    You roleplay pretty much a normal person. I don't know how to answer this honestly. I don't think that's how it works.
  15. Cipher

    Server 2 change

    lmao, i can tell you from experience that is untrue.