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  1. Cipher

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    - user was cautioned for this post -
  2. Cipher

    S1 ----- Bad RP/Griefing 06/01/2019 -- 6-7 am ish - 10:00-10:14 am

    I do not even want to legitimize this with a response, all I can tell you is that there are numerous ways your IP could've been exposed (such as the numerous times you and your friends logged into the RP bois TS or an IP sniffer such as Wireshark while you were logged into any number of servers with the person who you believe DDOSed you. I can tell you with 100% certainty that it was neither me nor @Hex that "DDOSed" you, I do not care enough about you, your friends, or this game to take you offline. Furthermore I would appreciate you cutting the baseless accusations about your internet connection and instead focus on the actual report at hand. Thank you.
  3. Cipher

    Bring back the anti-ghost rule.

    You should not be able to log into an active firefight, base or not. Period. Keeps things simple and fair.
  4. Cipher

    s1: novaya petrovka, 23:56 invalid kill

    Andriy Nikolich POV We attack the Saviors' city of Novaya and the compound next to it, dropping multiple initiations along the way via megaphones to ensure the civilians heard it. One of the civilians caught in this initiation is Eddie Malone, I could tell by his clothing. I initiate on Eddie and the person he was running with and tell them to move with their hands up to the center of town, in the courtyard. Whilst this is happening I get on comms and ask @Severson to link up with said hostages and take them to the safe house that we were keeping them at until the firefight was over, which was a small garage behind a house. He does this successfully, to my knowledge, until one of our guys notices a volley of gunfire near said safehouse. We send units to investigate and find the shooters, who we then shoot and kill. The hit log of me shooting Eddie was when I was trying to kill the man attempting to kill him.
  5. Cipher

    Remove snow map

    I'm okay with removing it at this point, either or is fine tbh. Would be nice to see some greenery again
  6. Cipher

    S1: KOS/RDM - Zub - 2019-01-06 - 20:03

    Andriy Nikolich POV Hello sir, I was chasing after the guys who took our guys as hostages (Liska), I get word that they are moving up to Zub Castle. I see men fitting the description moving up on me, I assume they are the men who took my friends hostage. Some of them were, but there were two people (@YO_MIKE and @sh4wzy, the people told to move inside) that moved inside. I falsely assume that they are all in the same group as I did not hear the Liska in VOIP telling them to move inside. I monkeybrained inside, killed one, and because this game sucks I traded with the second. No arguing this one, I fucked up and need to be more careful about who I shoot. Apologies. If you would like to chat further about this I will be available the majority of the day, lmk.
  7. Cipher

    Make Perma deaths optional (Read)

    For executions sure, if prior hostilities have been built up and it makes sense.
  8. Cipher

    Walking Dead Zombies

  9. Cipher

    DISTRICT // Recruitment Open

    Now that I have roleplayed with you gents on both adversarial and friendly terms, I feel compelled to say: You're my favorite group to run into on the server right now. You guys have an excellent cast of characters in this group, from the African warlord Awimba to the slick talker Paddy to the crazy fucker Peter. You never know what exactly these boys are gonna be up to from day to day, which keeps things fresh and exciting. Very excited to see this group continue.
  10. Cipher

    Blueface Appreciation Thread

  11. Cipher

    Novaya is Free once more! (Open Frequency)

    He'd respond, starting with clearing his throat. "I am not going to even validate your lies with a response. I am going to tell you this, and I am going to tell you it once. You really don't want this war. You think you do, you think you can take it, but you don't, and you can't. For our entire lives, my men and I have fought on every corner of this planet in order to erase groups like yours - half-assed, loudmouthed, poorly trained militia groups that think their arms are long enough to box with God. Well, Moody, it is about time for a wake up call; Tune your radio to 111.1Hz, and wipe down that fucking attitude, or we will dismantle you and your 'army', whatever the size. We will dye your blue armbands red. Let me know, bro." He'd release his PTT button before finishing his sentence.
  12. Cipher

    Settlement Firefights

    Technically, the people who initiate are considered the aggressors via the rules: I wasn't aware baiting was trying to have my say in a property dispute that involved me. So I don't get UPed Usually people say that as a precaution during active firefights, to make sure people walking around know 100% there are hostilities about.
  13. Cipher

    To all business partners [From Jack Warren]

    He'd respond, confused. "So... are we fired?"
  14. Cipher

    Belts, thigh rigs and storage

    I like everything in this one. The slotted inventory thing for vests is a nice addition, doesn't make sense that you could fit an M4 into a vest or a jacket.
  15. Cipher

    good idea?

    my mom would beat my ass if she found out the shit i did here.
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