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  1. Nothing should really be deter-mend on age, if the admins think you have a suitable App. Then you're smart enough and have enough knowledge. If your back story passes, you have the imagination then it all comes down to in-game RP. So it should solely be judged on that. Not prejudged opinion of ages. I'm 17 and have met a few people that sound fairly young, but they still Role-play really well therefore not bothering me, or anyone else.
  2. Just got robbed, there was slight RP. Minimal, so we tracked them back to devils castle. We got there, they said they're going to rob us and KOS'd us. Going to report later but Amy Smith and Marcus Griffing were apart of it. So just watch out.
  3. Yep, I was there. It was awesome! Everyone stayed in character and it was actually tension building aha. Really fun time
  4. (EU Server) We're not too succesful yet, but we're working on it. We just have a friendly farm at North East handing out free food to survivors Just thought I'd share the crazy amount of pumpks we have
  5. I met those guys too! At first I thought they were gonna rob me, they kinda ambushed me on the street but turned out they were religious folk and meant me no harm. We huddled together at a cosy campfire in a church during the rain. This priest and the two mentally ill guys he was taking care of (one of them placed teddy bears around the fire like a little girl at her fake tea party). They actually drove their truck into the church and he was like "Jesus would tell me if he minded :DD" Anyways we were talking by the fire, the priest tried to convince me to believe in god, and one of the insane guys was playing songs for us on the guitar and talking about his "mama" non stop, like: "Mama taught me that song", "we should visit mama she can cook for us too" and so on. In the end I said ok since they really really wanted me to see her but I already had a bad feeling about this. So after a while, when the rain stopped, we went outside behind the church and Acca ( I think) went to an old grave, put his teddies in front of it and started talking to his "mama" again. The priest joined in and spoke a few prayers. Then Acca turns around and tells me in his russian accent (which they all had): "This is where my mama slept before I dug her out again and brought her home. And now we were gonna visit her. Come on" Needless to say I was hella freaked out by now. I was really scared to go but on the other hand I had a nasty feeling about what those fanatics would do to me if I insulted their holy undead "mama" by refusing to visit her. At that point the server or my game must've crashed (lets say I passed out from shock) and when I got in again a few minutes later they had gone, leaving their truck and campfire behind. As I sat by the fire once more recovering from those folks, I actually started to regret not being able to see what exactly this "mama"-thing was. Had they locked up a zombie? Anyways guys, great RP! Hope I meet you again someday. And Circles, care to tell us more of what happened when they took you to see the mother? Yeah, exactly what happened aha. It was great Roleplay. Uhm, they just pretty much knocked us out so we could meet her in person and we had to say what she looked like her name, what she said. My friend said he didn't see her, and basically said he had a demon inside him. So we had to get it out. Glad we did, my friend's all good now and we're surviving. We sang amazing grace and he played guitar around a fire next to her grave, I left her a brown teddy bear.
  6. Me and my friend were looting around Toploniki, we were welcomed by these 3 guys, they took us to a Church to see his Mother, and we saw her... Anyways, let's just say it ended up with an exorcist. So it went pretty well. I think it involved a guy called Malachi, Acca F. Dacca and some other guy I can't remember. It was great!
  7. Circles

    Vybor the evilest place on the map

    Just went there with a few friends. Got shot by 'Hackers' and 'Kosers' Though these police wannabe's tried to arrest a guy. So doubt it. But the OMOH guys or however you spelled it are trying to clean things up I believe. Yep, pretty much is confirm death unless OMOH (Again unsure on spelling or even if that's the right people) are there.
  8. Welcome, I can ensure you. You will have a great time.
  9. Circles

    So many Bad RP bandits

    I've played for 2 days now, havn't been robbed. On my way to Vybor to try and see if the roleplay is good, and get a house ^.^. I heard that's where 90% of it goes down. But deffiently make reports, try and check peoples pulses for their names also, so they're deffiently caught out. You NEED to make reports!
  10. I found this "role-play" kinda of trolly... Just my opinion.
  11. This is great, really gave me a story to imagine. Dark but really entertaining, story's like this just want to make me stay up all night reading other peoples.
  12. Hey man, welcome. I'm new too! I'm sure you'll enjoy it here, so much to read on here and talk about. Get stuck in!
  13. Thanks guys! Quick and friendly replys. I think I'm going to be chained to this community. >
  14. Hay guys, just wanted to introduce my self into this community, I think I'll enjoy my stay here and can't wait to role-play along some of you guys and survive together! I'm Darien and if you have any questions about wanting to play with me in game, feel free to throw me a message! Though I'm not white listed yet, I've donated since I've seen the hard work the staff put in and they seem to care about the community and everyone seems really nice. Anyway, look forward to playing. Thank you!