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  1. So... what does that mean then? Obviously I'm new around these parts It's an all female group on the server. Yeah, I figured that, and saw their group post. But was wondering what the fuss is about mostly Generally it could mean it's good or bad, maybe both?
  2. So... what does that mean then? Obviously I'm new around these parts
  3. Tarenda

    The sadness of an empty player count

    I really hope this server gains more popularity as well. I am loving this mod more and more each time I play. People, if you are curious, you should get in and play, it's fun!
  4. Okay.. now I'm curious, or do I want to know? .
  5. Thanks, I will poke around at the stories. Such quick replies, thanks everyone, I feel extremely welcomed!
  6. Thanks for the welcome, guys. I look forward to RPing with you! And yes, I have a lot of experience RPing, but doing voice chat RP over the internet is new for me, but loving it! Haha, true. We need to do some RP together soon!
  7. Hey there. I haven't introduced myself yet and feel I should. I've been playing for a couple days now on both the Day Z standalone and Epoch servers. Love both. I am new to this type of game as my experience goes back to old console RPGs and MMORPGs. I do have over 20 years of experience in Roleplaying in various formats, this is just a new and exciting format for me and I'm loving it thus far. Anyways, hoping to RP with more of you guys in game. It's been a blast thus far, although most my RP interactions have been in Epoch so far, but loving it.
  8. Tarenda

    Suggestions for ARMA 3 Epoch

    I've been enjoying Epoch thus far, and I agree with the others suggesting the medical mod. That sounds like fun to learn and mess with.