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  1. Been 6 Days since I submitted, how long does whitelisting normally take?
  2. I like this story and had I not made up my mind of RPing my characters relationships from first login I'd apply. I completly understand the story of Chenarus being Quaratined although its impossible to do. I think they would have made a better Black Ops Group than more of a General Contracting group. As a black ops group, the President wouldn't need a mandate (as Rifleman pointed out) if they were an off the books group. And we all know if the US wants something we get it. However BlackOps never get left in the dark about any intel about their mission. Again I like the group, feel a realism aspect being a veteran.
  3. Thank you everyone for the welcome. I understand Mellstrom, thank you for the heads up.
  4. Good thread for us new guys to read. I have already created a character that is based off some of my own major traits like posted before, and feel like it should make things much easier to interact.
  5. Greetings, If I get Whitelisted my RP Name will be Matt Rodgers. I Look forward to interacting with you all. I have played Mod and SA since SA came out, but I have never played on an RP server. This is going to be a new and hopefully interesting journey in my DayZ DayS.
  6. Yea sorry I was having a hard time understanding whathe meant, realized after I posted and was unable to delete post due to Forum Bambiness
  7. I too am having this issue, I typed my ID in and got someone elses account.